Sunday Strange microfiction challenge

Anyone have any ideas what’s going on in this painting? Apart from anything else, I’d like to know what she’s looking at. Stories please, as short as reasonably possible.



Microfiction: Little God pees

There wasn’t a Three Line Tales prompt this week, or if there was, I didn’t see it, so here’s a three line tale based on the painting for my own Sunday Strange microfiction challenge.


When the Little God discovered that his Tree of Life had been vandalised, its branches broken and its first flowers stolen, he screamed for the likely culprits, his Six Miserable Sisters, who appeared with the evidence of their crime in their hands.

“Mother told you not to mess with things,” said the eldest sister, “and if you don’t want your backside tanning you’ll leave Creation to your elders in future.”

Pouting, as only a Little God can, he waited until his sisters had gone and peed, a long, golden, Little God pee onto the stricken tree, and smirked, a nasty Little God smirk when the golden stream worked its magic, and new, putrid blossoms began to take form on the stricken limbs.


Sunday Strange microfiction challenge

It’s late. Sorry. I was away communing with nature. Inspired by the neighbour’s sheep collection, I thought I’d post this painting by Ford Madox Brown. I’ve used it as a prompt once before, but it’s odd enough to trot out again. Just look at the baby’s face if you want strange. Now you know what happened to Rosemary’s baby.

Last week’s painting was Night by Edward Burne-Jones.


Sunday Strange microfiction challenge

Sorry to be late posting. I got carried away with gardening. It’s that time of year when if you miss a couple of weekends the jungle has returned and it’s too late to prune it back.

This painting is by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes and I haven’t got a clue what’s going on in it. I look forward to reading any suggestions.