Microfiction challenge The door: the entries

I need a rest, seriously. I’ve only just realised it’s Thursday, microfiction round-up day. Things are getting epic now, with many stories following on from last week’s. Some of you are already so good at the short form, it’s an honour to host your stories. Some of you are trying prose out for the first time, and the results are to be proud of. Next obstacle tomorrow. Look on it as a challenge 🙂


Louise—born to be a fantasy writer!

The Anchor – Fantasy Raconteur


Sarah’s plot thickens, with a vengeance.

The Gate – microfiction challenge #5 for Jane Dougherty. | fmme writes poems


Merril’s story is exactly the dose of hope and optimism I, for one, am much in need of.

Microfiction Challenge: The Gate | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Michael—just when I thought he was going to rehabilitate the Caseys.

Microfiction challenge #5: The Door | Morpethroad


Phylor has a before and after version of this episode. See which one you think advances the story best.

JD’s Microfiction #5, The Door: mynedfa – Phylor’s Blog

Microfiction Challenge #5 The Door: Passage to Seann Choille – Phylor’s Blog


Lady Lee’s story I think really needs a sequel. Maybe tomorrow’s prompt?

Microfiction challenge #5: The Door – ladyleemanila


Carol’s story is deceptively cheerful, but there’s an idea of a tremendous struggle there too.

Nearing – WritersDream9


Kat’s story is breaking my heart! I’m dreading what she’s going to come up with tomorrow.

Seasoning – Part 2 | like mercury colliding…


Bill’s story, like Kat’s, has a feeling of tragedy about it, spiraling down, maybe into madness, maybe peace.

The Window and the Gate


Lovely pace to Ken’s story. A stroll down memory lane and into a peaceful future.

The Gate to Happiness | rivrvlogr


Almost everywhere Kerfe’s door leads looks inviting.

Junk Mail Art: The Door | method two madness


Updated to include a late one from Mek. The worlds you people imagine are really…wild!



There they are, so much good prose to read. Thank you for visiting the different blogs, encouragement is what we need most of all. New prompt tomorrow.

Microfiction challenge At the window: the entries

This challenge, a story in less than 200 words, is the start of a mini series for some of us. All the stories were intriguing, and some I hope will lead into a further development based on the next prompt. There are fantasy stories, mysteries, thrillers and historical recreations among your creations, all well worth reading. I hope you will all try tomorrow’s prompt, and maybe use it to add another chapter to the story.


Louise’s story could go in many different directions. I do hope she’s going to choose one and write it.

Tempted – Fantasy Raconteur


Sarah’s story is the start of a crime thriller (I hope), and next week will clarify (I hope) what happened to Mrs Locatelli.



Lady Lee’s microfiction is in fact a poem. The prose version is posted in the challenge comments.

Microfiction challenge #4: At the window – ladyleemanila


Phylor introduces a character who I can see is going to run and run. Unfortunately 🙂

Dr. Teagarten’s Exit – Phylor’s Blog Edit


Michael’s a pure happy ending romance. Don’t often get those!

Microfiction Challenge #4: At the window | Morpethroad


Merril trumped Michael’s story for romance, in that it takes us right to the end of life, and beyond…

Microfiction: Kiss at the Window | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Doug’s story is a recreation of a possible historical encounter. This is a kind of fiction I very much enjoy. Whether it really happened or not.

A Decision is Made in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat | Elusive Trope


Bill has the same vision as Doug, an imagined dip into the past. This one delves into Munch’s very tortured spirit—darkly successful. (Sorry about the great white space that follows. I can’t make it go away)

A Whisper of Empty


MariJo’s story is, I hope the start of a much longer one. We’ll see next week…

The Messenger, part 1 – The Journey of a Million Miles


Kerfe with a very short story, and a beautiful image that can be interpreted in many ways, but all of them fantastically romantic.

Junk Mail Art: The Kiss | method two madness


Ken’s story is the only vampire take. I must say I do find this painting gives off vampire vibes—the position of the characters, the light, and the ambiguity about whether or not the woman is being forced.

Instinct Prevails | rivrvlogr


Mek’s story is a whirlwind relationship taking the reader from first sight to the exit in less than 200 words.

Kiss by the Window | Work in Progress


A late, very romantic story from Sri.



Microfiction challenge Uncharted Waters: the entries

Such a wide range of stories, writing styles, and interpretations of the painting and the theme—humorous, metaphysical, literal, fantastical—there’s something for every taste among them. It goes without saying that they are all worth reading, so do drop by and do just that.

Sarah’s is the first story to take us completely out of this world.

Uncharted Waters – flash fiction for Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems


Bill, story is philosophical, thoughtful and dreamlike, playing on coincidence and the imagined touching of very different lives.



Michael’s is a story about a journey into the unknown, with the antique feel of the classic films like King Kong and The Lost World.

Microfiction challenge #3: Shapes in the mist. | Morpethroad


Louise spins a very strange tale that throws up so many questions, hinting at so much backstory,  I wonder if this couldn’t be an extract from a novel.

Dreamer – Fantasy Raconteur


Geoff’s story is, of course, not meant to be taken seriously. I hope so anyway, for that shrink’s sake.

Paying the Price #shortstory #prompt | TanGental


MariJo’s story is on the metaphysical side of the spectrum, full of lush imagery and again, lost of questions.

Desert Dreams – The Journey of a Million Miles Edit


Kerfe seems to have hit a nerve with this one. Unsettling or tragic?

Junk Mail Art: Uncharted | method two madness


Mek’s story is fantasy, lovely images, delicate and profound.

Orizuru’s Winter Carousel | Work in Progress


Sri tells a tragic story, taken from actual experience.



Ken’s waters are very literally uncharted, and for good reason.



Phylor has continued last week’s story, adding another dimension and developing the theme of technology paralleled by fantasy.

JD’s Microfiction #3: Shapes in the Mist: Avenging Angel II: the Bracknells – Phylor’s Blog


Merril’s story is the one that maybe surprised me the most. It’s a classic example of how to build on the reader’s suppositions so that the end drops like a brick out of the blue.

Microfiction Challenge: Shapes in the Mist | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Very well done to all of you! Do check out the next theme, posted tomorrow.

Microfiction challenge Burning Angel: the entries

This second photo prompt brought a rich crop of stories, all different with references to our very diverse cultural backgrounds. Want a tour of the world of myths and beliefs? Read on.

New prompt tomorrow: same rules, same idea, new image.


Sarah from the south west with two versions of the same story. See which one you think works best.

Microfiction challenge – Burning Angel | fmme writes poems


Ken’s cautionary tale with a dramatic and sad ending.

Burning Angel – Microfiction Challenge #2 | rivrvlogr


Phylor with an avenging angel in a very real sense.

JD’s Microfiction Challenge #2 Burning Angel: Avenging Angel – Phylor’s Blog


Michael’s angel is both avenging and guardian.

Microfiction challenge #2: Burning Angel | Morpethroad


MariJo—eat your heart out John Milton!

Hope Remains

And this great blank space is introduced by the ghost in the machine and no amount of HTLM tinkering will get rid of it. Bloody angels!

Shadeau’s story, like Michael’s brings us a burning angel with a role, protector of the chosen.

The Burning Angel | LINES of SHADEAU


Louise with a folk tale style story which could maybe have a sequel.

Beneath the Flames – Fantasy Raconteur


Sri with two versions of a mythological subject




Bill’s story, to my mind, was technically just about as good as it gets. See what you think.



Kerfe with a picture that says it all.

Junk Mail Art: Retribution | method two madness


Mek with a story about flying angels, nuns, and those two devilish kids from last week. You were wondering what happened to them, weren’t you?

Angel of F(light) | Work in Progress

There’s always one, isn’t there? Usually the same one too. Geoff has just sent this nasty little gem so I’ll slip it in while nobody’s looking.

Bonfire of the Vanities #prompt #microfiction #shortstory


Nice work everyone, see you tomorrow 🙂

Microfiction challenge Childhood: the entries

So, my first microfiction challenge and I’m already late. Sorry about that, but I’ve a list of excuses as long as your arm (mine’s too short). I hope the next one won’t be quite so shambolic and it will do you all justice.

Here are the links to your stories. As with the poetry challenge, there were as many different viewpoints as there were writers. Proof positive, if any were needed, that you are all unique in your creative imagination as well as in everything else.

Many of you were trying out fiction writing for the first time, and I’m proud that you decided to take the plunge for this challenge.

Sarah is a case in point


Michael is an old hand.

Microfiction challenge #1: Childhood – Maise and Peter | Morpethroad


This one’s from Phylor’s blog. Shout out your real name if it isn’t Phylor!

Childhood. Yesterday — Microfiction challenge #1: Childhood – Phylor’s Blog


Ken’s first time too

No Childhood Here – Microfiction Challenge #1: Childhood | rivrvlogr


And Merril’s

The End of Childhood | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Ms 10000 hours left. Sorry I don’t know your name. And don’t say it’s Louise!

Childhood | Work in Progress


Carole, who is another poet branching out



Hugh a real proper author

Angels Of Heaven And Hell – Hugh’s Views & News


MariJo a first timer on my blog, and very welcome

Behind Her Eyes – The Journey of a Million Miles


Nice to hear from Bill whose writing I admire



Sri turning her hand to fiction for the first time



First update, a pingback failure from Geoff slips in under the wire (sort of). Off to read it now.

Waifs and Strays #shortstory #microfiction


This was a great experiment and a challenge for me too. Time has been too short to add to the comments I left on your blogs, but I was very impressed with the response and so pleased that poets are having a go at prose too. In short fiction, there are a lot of similarities of approach. Bravo everybody! There’s a new picture prompt tomorrow. I have a few lined up, just can’t decide which to plump for. Find out tomorrow.

Microfiction challenge

Wednesday is poetry challenge day and it’s something I enjoy hosting. I love writing poetry, but I don’t feel qualified to judge anybody else’s poems, so although it’s fun it isn’t a critical exercise. Since I write a lot of very short fiction, and I think I’m getting better at it, I would feel happy giving a bit of feedback.

So, I’ve decided to start a microfiction challenge as from this Friday. It will be along the same lines as the poetry challenge, an image and a word or two, and possibly even a preference of genre. If you like the idea of inviting critical comments from me or other readers,  let me know. We’ll see how it goes.

Watch this space on Friday.


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