99 word flash: Sky light


For months it was dark, the only sounds were the screaming of the wind and roaring of the ocean that used to be distant. Then the sky cleared and filled with a strange luminosity. Silhouettes appeared, stark angles and dead stumps against the light, holding out broken limbs still dripping. Water? Mud? Slime?

“It’s completely silent,” you said.

“No birds,” I replied softly. The broken limbs were empty and I recognised their gesture—imploring.

“And so dark.”

The sky had taken back the light, spread out its colours, safe and high, leaving us all that we deserved—the darkness.



Three Line Tales: World of water

For Sonya’s Three Line Tales. I do like this photo!

photo by Lalo via Unsplash



The ocean is in turmoil, heaving and crashing with a deafening roar, waves whipped by ferocious currents and tempestuous winds.

Nothing but water moves from horizon to horizon except the screaming gulls, hundreds and hundred of gulls, struggling against the gale.

Even the gulls will tire though, need to settle on land, and when their strength gives out and they fall, crumpled feathers and weary wings, into the waves, there will be nothing left at all.

#Three Line Tales: Perfection

This is for Sonya’s Three Line Tales photo prompt.

photo by Andre Benz via Unsplash


The forests were getting untidy, they said, people showed little respect, leaving litter, breaking branches, something would have to be done about it.

After taking opinion polls, and a massive nationwide campaign, the government came up with what people really wanted for the wild natural spaces­—

scented pink fluff.



#Twittering Tales: Time warp

A 211 character tale for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales prompt. I know she doesn’t look like a Hippy really, but you get the idea.

Photo by Graehawk at Pixabay.com


We’ve all had that feeling of being the odd one out, the sore thumb, and when you can’t change your clothes from what you were wearing when you fell under a bus leaving Woodstock, you take it beyond the grave.


For Sonya’s Three Line Tales. Sorry, I’m in an aggressive mood today.

photo by Ty Feague via Unsplash



There was once a jetty here, where boats tied up to swap cargoes of grain and dairy produce for cargoes of silks, fine porcelain and exotic fruits.

The peasants produced food to pay the rent so the landowners could buy their luxuries, which was, of course, the natural order of things.

Famine too, was the natural order when the fields, cupboards and stomachs were empty, and so was the uprising that took back the cargo waiting to be shipped and burned the boats full of silks and other inedibles.