Fire and blossom

Yesterday I wrote a lot of twitter poems, each one for a different prompt, but all seemed to have a common theme. These are the darker one.


Through the haze,



you walk,

I see you melting into distance

like smoke from a dead fire.


After the fire

only black ash

smears its greasy trails

on the ground,

and a pain aches

like the burned hole

where my heart was.


Winds lash tender blossom,

rain tears sweet petals,

and I weep for the beauty lost

when the river howls

beneath dark spring clouds.


I have no memory

of another time

before the dark,

perhaps hidden in apple blossom,

waiting to unfold,

perhaps in the green mists

of another spring.


All is change,

the past slipped away

like fallen cherry blossom,

fragile memories,

out of reach

of your destructive fingers.


Is it so monstrous, the deluge

that washes away the blossom,

when in its place,

a million bright new leaves

are softly unfurling?





Sea and birds

A sequence of twitter-inspired poems.

Photo ©Pdpics


No sail upon the horizon,

no bird to show the way,

no path to show where you’ve gone,

no hope in the salt sea spray.


Gull dips and soars

with diamonds in its wings,

spray scattered,

sunlight caught,

so much unconscious wealth,

spirit untrammelled

and free.


Ploughing north

on grey-white wings,



tireless navigators.



Wave breaks,

green glass shattered,

scattered foam,

flecked with salt,

and in the mist of boiling sea,

the sleek-plumed masters of the sky

weave and plunge.



joyous clowns,

lead me home

and find the smooth strand

far from the storm,

kelp-wracked and turbulent,

pebble-piled and thundering

with the song of the deeps.