For the dverse prompt, a short poem that possibly belongs in a form but I can’t remember which.


Take a star,

drop it in a pool,

watch the glow spread,

ripples of

firelight—see the echo

in the sky above.


In the following, I have turned it into a cinquain.



dropped in a pool,

ripples of firelight—

I hear the echo in the sky


Night wind and the fox



In the dawn damp

at the forest’s edge,

a red shadow glides.

Bird hush breaks

at sunrise

bright as the brush

of a sleeping fox.



and mist blows in from the sea

coating my lips in salt

and the electric tang

of unseen vastness.


In the night,

a cry,

a bark wilder than any dog’s,

and the sterile concrete of the streets

shivers at the sound.


There is a window in the wind

that blows across the river.

Look carefully and you will see

wild swans flying home.