Microfiction: Behemoth

It’s Charli Mills’ Carrot Ranch prompt time, in 99 words, to write a story about monsters of any kind whatsoever. This is a condensed version  of a very long short story I wrote a while back.

Geoff Le Pard supplied the photo.


It was coming. He felt it through the soles of his feet, the heavy tread of millennia-old feet. Would it have claws, he wondered, or toes like an elephant? As it plodded up from the ocean, the river roared, waves swelling higher and higher. The screaming was audible now. It must have reached the city limits. His brain was frozen, like his limbs. Try to reach Kate at work or cross town to the school…the kids? He did neither. The roaring wasn’t the swollen river. It was the beast. Its ancient hate-filled voice told him there was no point.