Sun flowers

The wind was from the east this morning, and though the sunflowers aren’t in flower yet (of course) the meadow is full of muscari. Spring is here, for us anyway.

Sun flowers

Though the wind
is from the east and chill
still the green is glazed
with indigo
drops of midnight sky
humble hyacinths
grape-bunched tight
against the cold.

Though the wind
from the east
brings the smell of burning
and the clamour
as it blows the world apart
still the grass grows green
beneath the sun
colour of sunflowers.


Spring flowers

It’s spring flower time. Photos taken over the last fortnight.

The blackthorn was the first to blossom.


The daffodils have been in flower for a couple of weeks now.


and the celandine


This monumental stack of blue flower isn’t ceanothus but rosemary.


The shade beneath the hedges is full of violets


and the meadow is an ocean of deep blue muscari