This is a poem inspired by the prompt for Day Four of NaPoWriMo. I’m not certain it fits exactly, but it’s what the prompt brought up. That’s poetry, I suppose.

The photograph ©Poudou is of the Chemin des Dames close to where I used to live in the Aisne.


The dawn breaks coloured blood,

and the roses are in bud,

the roses are in bud.


They say it will be hell,

still rosebuds begin to swell,

rosebuds begin to swell.


Though death sweeps through this room,

the roses are in bloom,

the roses are in bloom.


A country’s churned to mud,

but the roses are in bud,

the roses are in bud.




Daily poem: April Florescence

It’s April, Easter Sunday, April Fool’s Day, and the start of NaPoWriMo. The sun is shining, the unsettled March weather is definitely over and the sweetest season has begun. It seems appropriate to give the Florescence a whirl. It’s a new form that I have cobbled together using ideas borrowed from both the Florette and the Essence, hence the name. Florescence also fits in with the idea of new growth, so a true spring poem.

The rules:

—one stanza of three lines

—first two lines of six syllables

—the third line has nine syllables

—the rhyme rhyme scheme is on the sixth syllable of each line (so it’s an internal rhyme in the third line), and the last word rhymes with the first.

You can find examples here here  and here.


Blown away in the rain,

winter dark, bitter stain,

sun-sparkling pools remain, spring shoots grown.