And since it’s National Poetry Day, here’s another poem. It’s my blog and I’ll post what I like.


We lean on the rail you and I

Our elbows almost touching but not quite.

Below, the water flows

Tumbling in chaotic cataracts of muddy brown.

Beyond, water blue glitters with captured sun

And clouds trace their snowy course across the icy sky.

Pigeons pass in silent flocks,

Their wings twist and bend like silver foil.

The world is in movement but I would have it still.

I would have it place a finger to your lips and seal them shut.

I would stop time, stop the rush of life and light

To keep this moment in suspense for eternity.

As if this quiet before the truth shatters the surface is life.

You drop a pebble watch it fall.

It leaves no trace, no hole in the river’s eternal flux.

The pebble drops, you speak, and your words fall like pebbles

Into the indifferent brown movement,

Swallowed in the mud brown water.

But deeper than pebbles they fall and fall

Into the brown stillness that was once my heart

And there they settle

And there they will lie forever.

Painting (untitled) by Amadeo de Souza Cardoso

October haiku


Last fiery blaze

flame leaves against summer blue

ripe golden season.


Wind blows gentle shakes

leaves of vivid autumn hues

scattering bright gold.


The brittle brown grass

gleams with last night’s broken glass

and gold bottle tops.


October leaves fall

by November their red gold

a mere memory.


When the noonday sun

is pale as dawn and wind bites

winter is coming.