A treat for fans of realistic, gritty dystopia

Big news for fans of Kate Wrath’s books—the third in the series, Eden, is released today. From Outpost Three, down the Mississippi, Eden has reached her journey’s end. Or has she?

Announcing the release of the third book in the E series, Eden, by Kate Wrath:

Cover of Eden


Both friends and enemies are keen to get their hands on the information inside Eden’s head—information that could take down the Sentries and change the world. But there are costs that no one realized, and Eden’s not so sure she’s willing to pay them. Refusing to do so could create dangerous problems within the tribe she’s only just come back to.

Eden has her own agenda for learning Lily’s secrets. With hope refusing to die, she’s spurred forward by memories of Oscar and thoughts of finding him again. But Lily’s hold on her is greater than she knows, compelling her to chase after strange clues and confusing visions. With love and longing weighing on her, Eden must determine the reality of her fractured identity in order to decide which path to take. The choices she makes could tear her away from Jonas and Apollon, from everything she’s ever known.

Eden’s future will not be determined solely by choices. Fate has her own cards to play, and they just might take the game.

A few words from Kate….

lint-711890_640Writing Eden was such a joy. I’m deep into this series now, and the main characters are familiar friends. I loved exploring their relationships even further, and also having the chance to bounce them off of new characters in a new setting. Bringing my dystopian world into a tropical climate was also fun, and I especially loved all the intricacies of the new city and the adventure of exploring and coming to understand it along with Eden, Apollon, and Jonas.

The story of the Sentries continues—how my characters have come to pit themselves against the unfeeling robots that enforce order within the dystopian world. But as always, the story is about people. Sure, giant killer robots are exciting, dystopian societies are intriguing, but none of it means anything without the human factor. So the story of The E Series is always about human relationships and how they affect the events. It’s about who we are as people, and how our weaknesses, our strengths, and our deepest desires control the course of human history.

I hope you find a little of yourself inside my stories.

An excerpt from Eden:

It seems unfair that everything I learn only makes me more confused. How do you reconcile these things? The world you knew—the world torn to pieces and reconstructed in a different shape. The self you knew, the torn self. What other things can we rip to pieces? What else can we destroy and recreate? This question weighs on me at so many levels. I’ve lost my place. I don’t know where to begin or end. I don’t even know what I want out of it all.

Morning is stretching through the window, yawning its light-filled mouth. Jonas rolls over onto his side and looks at me. Smiles gently. Touches my cheek. But it’s that smile like Poor thing. She’s so lost. And I am. How is he not lost? How did I whisper these revelations to him in the darkness, and by light, he’s the one who seems fine?

I push his hand away, close my eyes, and roll onto my back. My shirt sticks to my side, sweaty from being beneath me. I imagine drifts of snow, crisp air. My visible breath, like smoke from a fire. I never liked the cold, when I had it. Now I don’t like the heat either. I can’t even make up my mind about that.

Deep breaths. Ninety-nine. Ninety-eight. Ninety-seven. The numbers fall away, and I focus deep within myself. What do I want, when it comes down to it? A fraction of a dream interrupts my soul-searching. A flash of an alligator. It’s that damned alligator again. What the hell?

“Are you OK?” Jonas asks softly, and sighs when I don’t respond. He rolls over and gets up.

I cling to the reptilian vision. A flash of scaly green skin and the unsettling curve of a toothy smile. And nothing. Absolutely nothing. I sigh, too, but I don’t open my eyes. I frown and focus again. Deeper. What really matters?

There’s an easy answer. It’s been there all along. I want to find Oscar. Until I do, I won’t ever really be OK. I’ve been putting it off, wrapped up in so many insignificant things. Worried about pretending to be someone else—why? Worried about Jonas, and some incomprehensible future where Sentries don’t exist.

I have one thing I can hold onto. I fix it in my heart. I’m not going to let this go. Whatever I don’t know, whatever I may not understand, Oscar is real. Oscar matters. And right at this moment, he could be suffering, could be in danger. And I’m sitting around on my ass doing nothing to find him. Vacation. Over.

I open my eyes and climb out of bed. Jonas is in the kitchen, taking out his frustrations on an orange. Slicing it vehemently. I walk to his side and watch as he grabs another and attacks it like he’s cutting its throat. Then I squint at his face. “Are you mad at me?”

He glances at me, and there is definitely anger in his eyes. “No,” he says. “I’m just mad.”

I wait for a moment to see if he means to elaborate, but he doesn’t. So I guess I was wrong that he’s OK. “Do you want to talk about it?”

He stops suddenly and his eyes slice into me. He hesitates, obviously restraining himself. Jonas is always so restrained. Finally, he lets out a long breath and turns back to the orange, more gently. “We have to do this. We have to take them down.”

“…The Sentries?”

His jaw tightens when I say the word. He answers in a level but deadly voice. “Yes.”

I know that look of grim determination. I know how Jonas is when he makes up his mind. Cards begin to fall into place in my mind, a deck that tells our future. I see the beginning of the path. But I’m not sure I want to take it. Too many questions, not enough answers. I have only one answer, and for now, I’m sticking to it.


You can purchase Eden on Amazon.

About the Author:

Kate WrathKate Wrath lives in the Southwestern US. Much like other authors, she has both a [family] and a [pet].

[family = three crazy-but-lovable, exceedingly adorable people with longer eyelashes and better sense of humor than Kate]

[pet = lovable-but-crazy giant German Shepherd who seems to be able to read, but pretends not to understand when something is required of him]

Kate is the author of the E series: E (Book #1), Evolution (Book #2), Eden (Book #3, June 13, 2015), and Jason and Lily (prequel, July 23, 2015). She has also written two fantasy novels that are soon to be released.

Kate believes in literature as an art form, world peace, and animal rights, but aspires to write total trash that is full of senseless violence, with characters who eat house pets.

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New writer of old tales

Today it’s official. My very good friend, longstanding critique partner (I say that, but I didn’t do much critiquing—jaw was too slack with admiration), Harriet Goodchild has had her first stories published by Hadley Rille Books.

There are two volumes:

Tales from the Later Lands introduce us to the world and some of the characters of Harriet’s first novel which is to be published later in the spring. They are full of the raw magic of the wild north, and the poetry and rhythms of the old ballads. Unlike the retellings of Irish legends that Ali Isaac and I have been working on, Harriet Goodchild has taken inspiration from some of the Child ballads to create beautiful fantasy that seems almost familiar.

Official blurb
A young man deep in love makes a promise, and later finds that he must keep it. Elsewhere, a seal takes off her skin and walks above the tideline for a twelvemonth and a day. A star rises to lead a man to glory and destruction, and, at another time, in another place, a king follows a beggar into the eternal halflight of the borderlands in search of his lost love.

Four stories from the world of After the Ruin, the début fantasy novel from Harriet Goodchild.


An End and a Beginning is a brace of stories about a young girl, an arranged marriage to a much older man, how love blossoms and, how the breaking of a word erects a barrier that lasts a lifetime.

Official blurb
A caged bird is not fit for freedom, as the Chamberlain’s wife finds as she steps through the patterns of the dances in the court in Ohmorah. But, though an oath is broken and a promise kept, her dearest wish may yet be granted.

Two stories from the world of After the Ruin, the début fantasy novel from Harriet Goodchild.

All of these stories are absolutely gorgeous, visually vibrant and a joy to read. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Read them as a taster, while you’re waiting for publication of After the Ruin, Harriet’s novel.

Also available at Amazon UK.

Tales from the Later Lands
An End and a Beginning

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Meet Lupa

Those of you who have read Enders will already have heard of Lupa. Just the fiddly bit left to do then you can read her story.



Lupa sat in the dull morning light that fell through the kitchen window with Elina wriggling on her lap. Both mother and child were small-boned and dark with thick hair that curled around the face in a way other, kinder cultures would have found appealing. They had the same dark grey eyes, but though Elina’s were quick and bright, Lupa’s stared unfocused, her head full of images of her parents. The previous evening she had seen her father, for the first time since she was married, and by the end of the day he would be dead, ended.
In the five years that had passed since her marriage, Lupa had hardly thought about her parents. That was the way it was; children married and moved on. She had been shocked to see her father on the doorstep, embarrassed. Fathers in Providence never visited their married daughters. But something in his eyes held her, something strange. She was sure she would have remembered that expression of tenderness if she had seen it as a child.
He had only been able to stay a few minutes; she expected Marduk back any moment. And it had been to say goodbye. She had looked into his eyes properly then, and seen him for the first time. Reflected in eyes as sad and deep as her own she had recognised her own turbulent emotions. The words of the doctor came back to her, about the wasted lives. He hadn’t just meant dead babies.
Elina touched her mother’s sad face with her sticky hand. “Never mind,” she said in her best comforting voice, and Lupa gave a thin smile. The child wriggled and Lupa set her down on the floor. Lupa’s father had come to say goodbye: the ending ceremony was today. Perhaps it was already too late and her parents were ended. Perhaps she would never see her mother again. The thought was too much to bear. With a quick, decisive movement she took the child’s coat from the back of the door and turned on a reassuring smile.
“Come on, Eli. We’re going for a little walk.”

Sefton Manor cover reveal

My friend and author, Cait O’Sullivan has a new release scheduled for next month.

cover reveal title

Musa Publishing – October 2013

Sefton Manor is the first of two Gothic romances by Cait O’Sullivan. The second cover reveal will be next Friday, the 27th September. Pop by Cait’s Place then and vote for your favourite to be in with a chance of winning a copy ☺. Buy links will also be posted there once available.

This is what it’s about:

Sefton Manor, a country house that has somehow withstood the ravages of time, holds the key to Martha Kendall’s dysfunctional family. Asked by her grandmother to uncover the truth about her missing Aunt, Martha comes to Buckhurst Village. Despite unsettling occurrences upsetting her sensibilities, she starts asking questions.
Questions that lead her to Will Fellowes, a man whose family tended the grounds of Sefton Manor for centuries. Amidst whispers of pacts with the Devil, they pair up to wrestle the secret from the house.
Or will Sefton Manor consume them all?
Title: Sefton Manor
Author: Cait O’Sullivan
Genre: Gothic Romance
Release Date: October 2013

And since this is a cover reveal, here’s the cover!


And a short bio of the lovely lady herself:

Cait O’Sullivan is a romance author with a love of words and magic, having had the good fortune to grow up in Ireland. The wanderlust in her blood sent her out to travel the world and now, residing in a leafy suburb of London, it is her thoughts and memories that journey far and wide in order to create her stories.

You can find all about Cait, her books and what else she gets up to by visiting her blog. I believe you might even be able to see a pic of what she looks like!

Cait’s Place | Facebook |Twitter | Amazon

Wishing Cait the best of luck with Sefton Manor.