In the beginning

Sticking with the apocalyptic theme.

Photo ©Judgefioro


In the beginning,

Nothing broke the silence of the night,

But the call of wolf and owl.

Nothing broke the darkness,

But the far-off stars,

And the terrifying, fluctuating moon.

In these last days,

Blood red clouds stream and scream in tatters,

Flames lick the coping of the skies.

Nothing breaks the searing light,

But the falling stars,

And the great, black void of the sun,

Where I still see your face.

Sky at evening

This sequence of poems was inspired by the yesterday’s cloud pictures. You can see them here.

If this rhyming scheme has a name I’d love to know what it is 🙂

Night creeps,

Seeps through veils of blue,

You watch white wisps flow,

Blow across fading sky,

Die in the darkening west,



Sun sinks,

Inks in the night,

Light from stars falls,

Palls in moonbeams,

Dreams unfold,

Gold and silver apples,

Dapples of light and shade,



Evening sky darkens,

Harkens the ear to the song,

Long and sweet of the thrush.

Hush the earth, the rustling leaves,

Weaves its twilight patterns spangled,

Tangled in your hair, the day dies,

Lies in shadowy tatters deep,


Nightfall just before the storm

Four short poems inspired by the hot, heavy weather of the last weeks, when the storm clouds build up in the evening, and the night is rocked with thunder.

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Night falls
soft as a cat’s paw
on the heat-heavy
city roofs
whispering with
the cool breath
of the stars.

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Night falls
And out of the darkness
Shines the moon
Black blanket
Scattered with stars
Sheds just enough light
To see your sweet face.

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When dark winds blow
The memory of your face
Comes to me
Out of the past
And I shiver
In another’s arms

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Storm wind sweeps the sky
Fire ships sail out of the west
Sultry sails thunder.