Light and shadows

I had a feeling the Oracle had another uplifting message for today. Mine was not what I was expecting.


She swims in madness;

round her feet roses play

bitter-thorned, blood red.


You you you

want the wind that sings on the skin

s s s s

and watch in the sun

while she sleeps in darkness.


A death blow, you said

in these petals that fall with the moon

to scatter on the sea

and you play music, for your ears not hers,

let her lie in her goddess gown.


She turns her face, hair floating, framed

I am

I am the woman in the sky, she says,

through time and tides,

and my tongue whispers light

to banish your shadows.



Forgot to send in my Ekphrastic poems this time. This is the first one of three. The painting is by Barbara Danin

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 09.59.25.png



She made my blood run cold, the girl in the stream,

all illusions washed away, all dreams.

She must have had them once, but no one ever asked.


The one who put the flowers in her hair, the same

who laid her on the riverbed, kissed her

wide eyes and open lips as the water flowed


cool and lifeless over her face. This ending,

his choosing not hers. No one ever asked her mind.

The madness too was his, hers the empty sky.


She clutched the jonquils in pale hands

and let the bottomless pit, the great black laughing O

of despair’s mocking mouth, suck her dry.


It’s a strange fact, but the emptier the heart,

the heavier it weighs. Like a dark cloud full of rain,

when once it sinks, it will never rise again.