Together used to mean

The Daily Post prompt is: together


4 T

Together used to mean we two,

The couple who

Were set in stone,

Don’t even phone.


Together we’d stroll through the crowd,

However loud

The crashing feet,

Hear our hearts’ beat.


Together we walk separate ways,

Those summer days

Not meant to last,

Just so much past.

Time passes

The Daily Post prompt is: Slowly

Painting ©Tagesfleiss


Rush and push and watch the time fly,

Last train goes by,

Late as ever,

Catch up never.


Meal times rushed, the sports coach won’t wait,

Always irate,

Race the red light,

Deadline too tight.


Always running just to stand still,

Deaf to birds’ trill,

Blind to sunrise,

When the night dies.


So much fury, so much time lost,

Winter brings frost,

Year turns, life slows,

Buried ’neath snows.