Crow flies

Today seems too have been the day of the crow, so here’s another crow and pearl (and oystercatcher) poem.

Photo© Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons)


Crow flies

Waves toss

Fish swim

Pearls glint

Moon in the water

Fashioned from foam.

And along the kelp-strewn strand

Where mussles wheeze

And cockles blow

A high stepping bird


One eye cocked

For the carrion stalker

Sifts and searches

For the dark sea’s prize.

Crows and pearls

Three short poems linked by a theme. It was four, but the fourth is longer.




The pearl-eyed girl

Lies where currents swirl

And green darkness presses.

Hand reaching for the light

She plucks at broken moonbeams

Lost in deep waters.


Crow picks the pearls

from dead fish’s eyes

a necklace for a nest

in a crown of twigs

sea-bright rings

for dead wood fingers.


Bird-bright beads

Moon pale

In shifting waters

Bathed in green light.

Crow peers

Through the broken mirror

Waits for the ebb tide

To relinquish its treasure.