Promote Yourself: Just Patty

Today I am pleased to offer a blog spot to another poet—Patty. Just Patty. Once again I am amazed by the sensitivity of so many Dutch speakers to the English language. It must be something in the water. Here is Patty to introduce herself.

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My name is Patty van Delft, born and raised in Holland. I write poetry under the name ‘Just Patty’.

Why the name ‘Just Patty’?

Because writing poetry is a naked reflection of the heart and soul, nothing more and nothing less. It’s Just Me without decorations.

I started writing poetry after my big brother died when I was 14 to find a way to express my feelings. I have always being attracted to the more darker forms of poetry, I adore Edgar Allan Poe. Maybe because dark poetry seems to be more raw.

‘Poetry is a way of showing your darkest thoughts and deepest feelings through the art of words. Listen to the music of your soul and let your pen dance on the rhythm.’

Poetry book My Wings


This collection contains 111 poems divided into two parts: My Dark Wings & My Light Wings, showing my two sides.

Part 1: My Dark Wings is a collection of dark poetry describing some very recognizable emotions like: grief, melancholy, depression, but also the strength and courage to battle on no matter what.

Black B&W

Part 2: My Light Wings is a collection of light poetry containing motivation, love, support and the will to enjoy life.

But you…

This poetry book is illustrated with black & white photographic artwork made by the author.


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My poetry:

Can I?

Can I just hold you one more time?

Tell you how much I love you

Just one more week…

One more week will do

Can I?

Can I just hug you one more time?

Show you how much I care

Just one more day…

One more day to share

Can I?

Can I just talk to you one more time?

Until the sunset

Just one more hour…

One more hour to never forget

Can I?

Can I just kiss you one more time?

Hold you so very close

Just one more minute…

One more minute without sorrows

Can I?

Can I just look at you one more time?

To make sure that you are alright

Just one more second…

One more second to say goodnight

Oh please, can I?

Can I at least say goodbye?



Scratched your name

Across my heart

So deep and sudden


And now

Even when you leave

Or don’t love me anymore

The scar

Will stay there

Across my heart