Baby waking.

I wrote this poem for the creative challenge Paul Brookes is running on his blog as part of the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days of Wild. Yesterday the snapper came to visit, her first day out of the city since she was born all of six weeks ago. Paul posted the poem here along with the other contributions, poetry and artwork.

Baby waking

Six weeks old
her first day outside the city
grizzling after the long journey
I carry her across the meadow
beneath the trees by the stream.

I hear the grizzle change
to crooning chirrups weaving
among the bird songs
the feathered calls
and the burble of the water.

She lifts her head
eyes entranced by leaf movement
the dappled sky
light on green
oh the flash of wings.

There is wonder even now
scarce left the womb
eyes barely focused on the world
and already the world is wild—
the trees have claimed her.