Black pearls and moonlight

Twitter poems from yesterday’s prompts.


All tears are black

for sorrow is dark

and wells from the places

where no light falls.


Black pearls

are as rare as moonstones

and sundew

and starfish

that light the deeps of the ocean

with drops of pearl moonlight.


Gulls soar to the moon and back,

dusted with silver

and the grey of dead stars.

Their eyes full of worlds

we will never know,

their call, the voices of the dead.


Sun breaks on gleaming waters,



a hoard of light.

If my hands could hold it,

I would give it all to you.


At the epicentre of all worlds

is a heart that beats and throbs

in time to the wings of love,

the song of the turtle dove.

Tears and Tides

Today’s haul of twitter poems from a handful of twitter prompts.

Photo©Mike Pennington

Though you comb the sands forever,

you will never find

a single tear of mine

among the gentle waves.


So many tears shed

in the night, at your leaving.

At sunrise, only crumpled sheets remain,

like sand ripples

carved by the ebb tide.


Footprints to the sea,

a couple enlaced,

run across the wet sand

into tomorrow,

fast as the horses

of the morning tide.


Round we come, full circle

to this place we once loved,

but our lovers’ footprints dance,

pale ghosts, beneath the indifferent waves.



Dim the stars in the sky

and leap into the dark.

Take my hand

and I will show you wings.

Dive with me

and we will gather treasure

by the light of black pearls.


Haiku challenge: Diamonds & Pearls

Ronovan’s challenge this week is another great prompt. Following Sun & Moon, Diamonds & Pearls.


Diamonds in the rain

rivers take them to the sea

to lie with pale pearls.


Rivers of diamonds

strings of pearls among the weed

secret water gems.


Pearls lie fathoms deep

in a glittering ocean

diamond raindrops—strewn.

Crows and pearls

Three short poems linked by a theme. It was four, but the fourth is longer.




The pearl-eyed girl

Lies where currents swirl

And green darkness presses.

Hand reaching for the light

She plucks at broken moonbeams

Lost in deep waters.


Crow picks the pearls

from dead fish’s eyes

a necklace for a nest

in a crown of twigs

sea-bright rings

for dead wood fingers.


Bird-bright beads

Moon pale

In shifting waters

Bathed in green light.

Crow peers

Through the broken mirror

Waits for the ebb tide

To relinquish its treasure.

Haiku sequence: Pearls


In the deep water,

pale reflection of the moon,

or a single pearl?


Fingers dipped, shatter,

the silver moon runs away,

a tide of ripples.


Shells and pebbles glint,

moonlight among the seaweed,

night sky full of pearls.


Trailing fingers mesh,

catching moonbeams seamed with pearls,

night treasures gleaming.


In the deep water,

your long ago face still smiles,

with black pearls for eyes.


A circular poem because I haven’t written one for a while.

Photo ©Hannes Grobe


In the deep green water where

Rare fronds of languid sea kelp sway,

Play with the falling light of stars so bright,

Tight closed, the rugged shell

Tells the story of the creation,

Machination of a grain of sand,

Bland and delicately discreet,

Neatly settled, and how it was robed,

Englobed in iridescent shimmering,

Glimmering, of ethereal beauty formed,

Transformed into a pearl, full moon’s twin,

In the deep green water.

The priceless pearls that were his eyes


The priceless pearls that were his eyes

Glitter dully ’neath swaying kelp

Watch the dance of wandering fishes

Finger bones curl beyond all help.


Oyster seeded, swaddled, nurtured,

The priceless pearls that were his eyes,

Green weed streamered, sand a showcase,

Where the dark grows and the sun dies.


No rays light the barnacle shroud,

Sun shuns the deep place where he lies,

The priceless pearls that were his eyes,

Glint unseen, reflect the moonrise.


Dark the sky and dark the water,

Vain nets cast, I lose the prize,

Lost in the murk of wave-churned sea sand,

The priceless pearls that were his eyes.


Haiku: Coral

My computer is sick and is going in for an operation in an hour. I could be offline for a while as the problem may be terminal. No prayers or flowers are required, thanks, just as many positive pulsions in the ether as you can spare. We both thank you for your kind thoughts at this difficult time.

Signing off now with a haiku.


With pearls and coral

the memories lie sleeping

blue forgetfulness.