Two poems, two styles, same emotion

How many times have I loved you?
How many times have we parted?
How many times have we both wished to end
This passionate story we started?

Through all of the years I have loved you
When uncertainty kept us apart
Through all of the years when you stopped your ears
To the whisperings of your heart.

I recall, though it’s years we’re together,
The joy that was worth all the pain
When I’d see you come running to meet me
With your smile and your suitcase again.


Of all the feelings
That pluck a ringing chord
None soars higher
Delves deeper
Pierces sharper
Sings sweeter
Than the surge of joy
At the longed-for sight
Of your familiar impatient gait
Breasting the insignificant crowd
To meet me
And my winged heart.