Microfiction #writephoto: Magnificent

Sue’s Thursday photo prompt started a story which I have decided to keep and add to a collection of folksy, fairy stories I’m getting together. This is a short offshoot of the original idea. Thanks, Sue for the inspiration 🙂


On the cracked and blackened ground, the eggshell almost glittered in its whiteness. The air smelled of burning and something sweet and exotic. A breath of breeze, carrying scents of cedar and a thick oily perfume, stirred the treetops and brought an echo of a song. She looked up, hoping to find the singer and instead saw a golden feather drifting slowly downwards, rocking back and forth. She caught it in her hand and the soft plumes hardened to a filigree of gold.

The musical echo became a torrent of wild music, rich and musky, gold and silver, rose and jasmine. High above the treetops, caught in the light of the sun, a bird, bigger than the biggest eagle, with feathers the colours of a wonderful dream, spread fiery wings and disappeared into the fierce light. The song trailed to an echo again.

Be happy. Be magnificent!

She smiled. She thought she could be both of those if she tried.