With tears of joy

The Oracle got it in one 🙂


After a fevered nightScreen Shot 2018-05-26 at 15.16.02

old pictures linger in my eyes

ghostly voices laugh—

going home.

Women rise up,

embrace this day

with tears of joy


Sweet-scented carrion

A second poem for the dverse prompt attempting a contrast of mood in the two halves.


Dark clouds                   never encumbered our skies

Rain-bearing                 winds were balmy and soft

Clustered like crows   feathered omens

Glowering                      they promised fierce joy

Over a heap                   petaled and sweet-scented

Of carrion                      nurtured earth.

Tree and bird

This is a first attempt at Paul’s prompt for dverse this evening.Contrapuntal poetry is like a cleave poem but without the stark contrast between the two halves.


Trees tremble                          in the wind

and twitter                               like storm-blown finches

fluted musical columns         staunch and unyielding

where birds sing                     leaves cling to the bending bough

and indomitable life               that rides the rain

hums                                          the eternal song of the earth


Daily poem 42:

It sounds from the sound of gunshots that there is another ‘battue’ going on and some unfortunate animal is being exterminated.


This fragile peace


where bees drift and birds sing

and in the ripple of the stream, a free wind blows.


A mind set on death

a shadow on the edge

of these quiet places.