Haiku trio

The theme word for Frank Tassone’s haikai challenge this week is: warm.


Earth oozes

stored warmth

a battery, sun-fueled.


Leaf green wakes

morning of the year

warm blood courses.


Birth comes to wild woods

tender bird-babble

stream songs.


Spring senses

This poem is for the Secret Keeper’s writing challenge. The words this week are:



Spring tastes of sunlight,

rain on damp grass,

the green froth of uncurling leaves.

Spring smells of rich loam,

churned and tunnelled,

the leaf mould dug and scattered

by bird feet and sharp hooves.

Spring coats the thirsty senses

with the brisk west wind, wet and sea-salty.

Spring is the bursting, effervescing, burgeoning

of this space, this time—


Tanka: First cherry blossom

The cherry blossom and the plum blossom is all finished here, just a few late arrivals still retain a few petals. This poem is for Frank Tassone’s weekly challenge, a tanka, a form I find difficult.


Earth turns sunwards,

blossom in its wake,

a wave of pale feathers.

Among trees, lace-white,

foam-frothed, I smell the sea.