Coral pink

Day 3 of NaPoWriMo is a meandering poem.


Once, wonders were in the tiny things,

gem-studded caddis fly palaces,

freshwater shrimps,

pools of water after rain, full of sun stars,

fragments of eggshell,

turquoise blue as the evening sky.

Later, swallowed up by city pavements,

cloud-blinded by the wonders of my life

that seemed sharp as swallows,

the blue faded, coral pink of caddis fly palaces

not even a memory.

Life flows, sometimes cascading clear,

sometimes eddies,

debris-cluttered where dead things swirl.

Yet always, on the stream bottom,

sifted the mud of rain and flood,

corals shift and sway, and caddis fly larvae walk,

trailing monuments of sculptural beauty.

Do they know? Can they see?

Does it matter?

My fingers trail the cold water,

limpid as crystal, glittering,

and once again, life becomes clear—

sky, eggshell, coral sunset,

and beyond

there are always

the still stars.