For Frank Tassone’s weekly haikai challenge. This week’s theme is ‘rose’. The first cranes flew over this afternoon on their way north.

Photo©Tomeq Zag


Rose, not even bud,

not even leaf,

waits for spring.

The wind is turning,

bringing back the cranes and you.


I will ride my dreams

I followed the link to Frank (A Frank Angle)’s writing challenge from Merril’s post. It is also the poem I’m contributing to the dverse open link night.


I will ride my dreams, red horses,

through dark billows of the night,

and blue horses in the green and gold of day,

following the scent, bee-kissed, of roses

and the honey taste of glycine on the wall.

I will paint a sky of rainbow mist, pearl

nacre like the deep gems of the sea,

where seals play and the dolphins sing.

I will ride my dearest blackbird-singing dreams

and fill them with the dashing verve of ‘when’,

not let the timid caution of life’s ifs

dash them like cold salt water on black cliffs.

Cinquain: Brief shower

This is, I think, a cinquain. It’s for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge and the words not to use are Destiny & Challenge.

We’re dipping into a relatively cold patch and the météo keeps predicting ‘a few flakes’ of snow. So far we haven’t had any. This afternoon as I went to have a shower, the sky covered over. A few minutes into the shower, husband shouts ‘There’s white stuff coming out of the sky!’ By the time I’m out of the shower, the sun’s beaming down again and everything looks bright and…green. He swears it snowed.



soft as feathers,

struggling with the sun,

against the inevitable