General elation

Just wanted to post this because it isn’t often I feel proud to belong to something. Today is a day when I do. What we know so far from the Irish general election results:

while the rest of the world seems to be swinging right and flirting with populism/fascism, Ireland has voted left, and in some constituencies the alt-right have polled fewer votes than there were spoilt ballot papers,

the two main parties of conservatism that have kept the country in a priest-ridden parody of itself for the best part of 100 years have been beaten,

immigration was an issue for only 1% of left wing voters,

young people have come out in droves to vote for CHANGE.


Éirinn abú!



A cascade poem for the Secret Keeper’s writing prompt. The words to use are:



At the close of day,

tender pigments tint

the canvas of the sky.


Your face in darkness lies,

pale where shadows fall,

at the close of day.


Day’s illusions fade,

monochrome revealed, that

tender pigments tint.


Pride keeps pain at bay,

as slowly night bestars

the canvas of the sky.