Sevenling: Summer fruit

A second quadrille/sevenling for dverse because blackberrying is so full of images.


Deep purple blackberries

midnight blue sloes

bramble among bright green figs syrup-heavy by the lane.


Sun bakes

stifling the thrush’s song, the orioles fluting questions

but the fruit swells and oozes with sweetness.


Windfalls gathered by fox and marten spread their sticky evidence—wasp-feast




For the dverse prompt. The first blackberries are ripe but it’s too hot to pick them yet.


Amid the tangled,

sharp-spined jungle

of winding, whip-snaked brambles,


razor wire

and the bright red welts of torn flesh

are the berries,

sloe-black and gleaming,

biggest, blackest

always out of reach,

where spiked tendrils arc—

hark, juice drips,

sweet as the warbler’s song.




A second quadrille for the dverse prompt. Blue is a pretty enormous subject!


Pale as winter mornings

ice beneath a clear sky

plumbago blooms

a newborn’s romper


intense as gentian flowers

flags waving on the fourteenth of July


deep as Mediterranean waters


and indigo dark as the still tropical night

just after sunset

and your goodbye—blue



Time like sea sand slips

though you close your fingers

it streams silent as stars

into the dark of space

the deep of the ocean

where you can see memories fading

pearls sinking into the murk

their tender glow gone

when the mud settles.


For the dverse prompt. This was a hard one. I got stuck on Peelers and it took a while to send them back to barracks.


How do we make it like it was,

before the layered dim-dull years

of struggling at the edge of forbearance

stifled the joy?

Is there a tool you can buy

to peel them away,

the encrusted disappointments,

like careening barnacles

from an old hull?