At close of day

For the dverse quadrille prompt.


At close of day the light falls thicker,

golden syrup honey dew,

and shadows deepen in the hedges,

woodland, maple, oak and yew.

Remember when brash jingle- jangle

rattled every summer night?

The notes of blackbirds’ singing now

fill with wild beauty each twilight.


A quadrille for the dverse prompt.


Harrowing the news

these days of spring,

when fear of stepping into the snare

dogs our steps,

and every face is the face of an enemy.

Catch the trailing silver thread,

moon and sun-cast,

revel in bonds of earth-magic,

sudden tree-greening

and fireworked bud-burst.


For the dverse prompt. This was a hard one. I got stuck on Peelers and it took a while to send them back to barracks.


How do we make it like it was,

before the layered dim-dull years

of struggling at the edge of forbearance

stifled the joy?

Is there a tool you can buy

to peel them away,

the encrusted disappointments,

like careening barnacles

from an old hull?

Well water

For the dverse prompt. I wrote a first poem, and it was too long so I wrote another. The first poem below is the quadrille, the second is same theme but just a poem.


I dip a bucket fill it full

Of dancing, silver mirror water,

Ask the silent fairy’s daughter

For a seeing, bright or dull.


In the mirror-silver deep,

I see my love upon the field,

Lying on his broken shield,

Willow, clouds and blackbirds weep.




I dip a bucket in the well

And fill it full of silver water.

On my tongue are rowan berries,

Sailing clouds a story tell


Of wishes granted, curse stones cast,

Of mad hares leaping in the meadow.

Yet are these clouds of future dreaming,

Or are they clouds of dreaming past?