White ship

For dverse.
Painting by Odilon Redon
First line borrowing from Michael Drayton.

White ship

Fair stood the wind
for the ship that sailed
on sunlit waters, sheets pale
as the white-breasted gull,

and in her hold a cargo of dreams,
a cargo of lilies and all the scents
of the world we have lost
in her white-feathered wake.

The weight of stone

A cadralor quadrille for dverse, to celebrate two poem acceptances and getting back into the swing of things.

The weight of stone

Wading through meadow grass,
we walk on buttresses of stone.

Above the weighted earth,
kestrel hangs, feather-light.

That time I cried, before you turned away,
your eyes were stones.

Children collecting beach pebbles,
collecting memories.

Written in the stars,
incandescent rocks, past and future.


Light ribbon
ancient streams
of lost-star memories.

Down the pane
rain streams—beyond
the world’s a water-blur.

Beneath the poplars
the only sound

They tumble-stream the words
a river flowing
ni queue ni tête

After the fête
littered happiness lies
in streamered joy.

For the dverse prompt.

Was seed

now spreads broad-leafed branches,

unfolds, scented,
in a complex origami
of curl-petaled bloom,

gallops the hillside,
a russet-red leaper,

pads the night paths,
a russet-tailed chancer,

and you,
milky-soft, pink and unfocused,
learning by the moment,
gallop-growing, unfurling beauty,

were once a microscopic

A quadrille for EJ and the dverse prompt.