Question and answer

Today is Elusive Trope’s Magnetic Saturday. I took the first words that appeared on the screen and I rather like the result.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 13.49.19

I ask the green god,

‘Must I embrace eternity

With this wild, velvet star?’


Consulting the oracle again later, I received the answer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 14.09.56

‘Dance to the rhythm

of a kiss.’

Angels, we two

remember magic

as our star sails on.

Sky, perhaps

The Daily Post prompt is: sky


After the night,

so long, so dark, so silent and alone,

the day.

After the black,

so deep, so cold, so oppressive and so bleak,

the grey.

Despite the anger,

red and fierce, so final, blazing raw,

will you stay?

Though I regret,

reform, reduce the differences so slight,

words hold no sway.

Beyond the cloud,

so thick, so low, so damp, the sky,

so they say.


The answer

This poem is for the Secret Keeper’s poetry prompt. This week’s words are:


Photo ©Forest and Kim Starr


I wait for you beneath the bower,

Where we always meet, where the roses grow,

I know the question you will ask me,

Will I accept or tell you no.


I’ll walk with you to the wide world’s end,

Till rivers run dry and birds’ songs cease,

Through tears and laughter, but tie me with vows,

I’ll open my cage and take my release.

If I left you sleeping


If I left you sleeping,

To take the untrodden paths between the stars,

Would you wake?

If I left your side,

Spread my night wings and leapt into the dark,

Would you follow?

And would you search,

Armed with moonbeams, through the night’s dark depths

Until you found me?

And would you take my hand

And walk by my side into the pale hopeful glimmer

Of the morning?

I watch your calm, sleeping face,

Taste the sweet warmth of your breath,

Listen to the beating pulse of your heart,

And wait to read the answer

In your waking eyes.