Rainbow feathers

A chain of short verses inspired by twitter prompts and linked by this painting by Redon, the other side of yesterday’s coin.


I drink the colours of the world

And give them back in poems,

Light as feathers,

Soft as birds,

Bright as rainbows.


Dew falls through the mist,

River winds slow between green banks,

Blackbird sings,

Blind and deaf to the world,

As, enthralled by beauty,

So too am I.


And yet and yet,

Years tick by like seconds,

So close, we seem, to the brink.

Beyond, a sullen sea slaps & slops,

Waiting for our missed step.


I gather my rainbow feathers,

Hold them tight,

And when the dark wind blows

And the grey sea sucks,

I will fly,

Wind-blown, wave-washed,

And perhaps, if all that’s left is dreams,

Find what lies in the sun’s fiery nest.