Finbar has his stitches removed and meets a cousin

In the waiting room, Finbar waits anxiously to have his stitches removed. A woman arrives with a famished-looking dog whose almond eyes dart everywhere. She looks at Finbar and beams.

“A Galgo,” she says. “He’s beautiful.” She points to her own dog. “This one will be the fifth I have adopted. He arrived two days ago.”

The skinny dog watches us. Finbar, usually so reserved, trots over, and the two dogs sniff noses. Does Finbar smell Spain on this rescue; does the fear of violent death still cling? I watch them, my big Galgo and this smaller, skinnier cousin, as they sniff one another’s faces, nothing more, and I cannot help but think of refugees, how they must never lose the fear of violent death, and how they will always recognise the reflection of that fear in the eyes of their companions in misery.


Spring rain

scatters cherry blossom—

kestrel rides the wind.


Microfiction challenge Rescue: the entries

The illustration by Virginia Frances Sterret produced another fine haul of stories, mainly fairy stories of course, and what better for this time of the year when all sensible people just want to stay indoors by the fire and listen to a good story.

Thanks to all of you for participating. It has been great fun. I’m going to take a break from this for a while so there won’t be a new prompt tomorrow. Maybe later when things in general improve, I’ll start the challenge up again.

WordPress has gone funny again and I can’t track notifications or comments so if I don’t reply to a comment you might have left, please accept my apologies. It’s because I haven’t seen it.

Thanks again, and a happy new year to everyone.


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