Haibun for an enfolding


It is a strange sensation, a first time experience, looking forward to this short trip tomorrow. They have not all left the nest, my offspring, and only one has started her own nest-building. We are in a limbo of sorts, separated by distance, not so great for most people, but a world away in terms of lifestyle. I know the city, can (almost) still hear its din and gag on its smell. Here is quiet except for birds squabbling after seeds and the pheasant chortling. I see lush green after the frostmelt and tree branches silver-grey in the sun.

It is a strange sensation, to be flying (metaphorically) back into town, to see children not quite left, still looking forward to seeing their mother, to treat her as I used to treat them, with care, and gentleness, as if she is fragile and might break.

Frost melts in the sun

life goes on as usual

for seed-seekers.