Winter branches

Written as a series of #sixwordstory tweets and tweaked into a short poem.


Pale sun casts deep shadows long,

Wind in leaves sings winter’s song.

Roses fall with never a sound,

Petals scatter upon the frozen ground.

Stark branches sway, aflutter with birds,

Whispers the sedge its secret words.

When dawn breaks, chasing sombre night,

Robin sings the winter dark light.

Last songs


Though blackbird’s song is hushed, his eye’s still bright,

Searching through dead leaves while lasts the light,

The wind blows brusque and sharper every day,

No ruffled feathers keep the cold away.

Ripe fruit falls and bruises on the ground,

Too late for wasps, leaf fall the only sound.


From summer-weary birch tree boughs I hear

The robin’s song of notes, as sharp and clear

As icy water trickling in a rill,

As starlight glittering on a snowy hill,

Reminding me, sure as night fades at dawn,

That this sweet summer too is almost gone.