Star rider


You wanted a treasure to hold,

Not one that’s sold,

Found on the beach,

One out of reach.


I saw what to give in your eyes,

A worthy prize,

Shining so bright,

In deep, dark night.


I leapt skyward on my dream mount,

Stars beyond count,

Which one is ours

Of night’s flowers?


The star glitter falls in my hand,

Red firebrand,

Straight to your heart,

Love’s heav’nly dart.

Poetry challenge #40: Rider

I love John Bauer’s illustrations. They are so mysteriously joyful. You can read about him here. The caption for this one is: Once upon a time, there was a prince riding in the moonlight.

The word suggestions:

Star, gift, wander, soaring, cobalt.

Use any form you like, including the words if you’ve a mind to, and post the link to your creation in the comments before next Tuesday. Be inspired!

The first poem I wrote to this illustration was before I’d thought to choose a handful of words, so I’ll post it another time. This is the second one. You can read it below.



Following the wandering stars,

I soar through cobalt air in search

of silver light, a gift for you.

The moon, too high and out of reach,

I plunge to where it mirror-rides,

white ripple-faced on ocean dark.

We splice the waves like gannet birds,

my rainbow-wingéd mount and I

and find beneath the glassy waves

a pearl as bright as morning sky.

For you I searched the midnight hours

and delved beneath the slick black skin

of oceans, seas and placid lakes.

I found that earth, so wide so deep,

holds nothing of more beauty than

the love already in our hearts,

the silver star chain in our eyes.