Fiery robin haiku sequence


In the golden tree

a bird red throat full of song

summer’s sweet fire


In dark winter’s depths

red throat pulses fierce defiance

singing to the sun


Black tree bare branches

fire heart sings of summer

winter not so cold.

After the rain


There is nothing more uplifting

Than the sight of sunlight through the clouds

A golden torrent pouring from the broad sky’s sea

Turning the last drops of cold lead rain

To a river of cascading gems.

And when the trees are bathed in liquid light

From among the dripping leaves the music starts,

Triumphant robins shout their riotous notes

And listening enraptured we can forget

Just for the time of a small bird’s song

That winter lies on the dark side of the sky.

Robin poems

Where do robins go when summer’s here

and blackbirds fill the hedge with song?

Only when the wind strips bare the trees

and scatters gold upon the ground beneath,

when earth and sky are damp and dark

and the long winter night descends

do bare trees fruit again with feather-red

and robin hurls his sweet triumphant song

against the howling voice of arctic winds.

His fragile courage saving summer’s notes

reminds the cooling heart that spring will come again.




Wintry air

a haze of misty greys

filled with shooting stars

of blazing leaves

and the pure clear beauty

of the robin’s song.