Poetry challenge Red boat: the entries

Sorry this is late. I was away in the wilds and didn’t get back until it was too late and I was too tired to get this post together.

Peter Bouchier is first in with a jaunty pirate tale.



Sarah with a couplet of poems, distinctly different in style and content, one homely, one magical.

Red boat rondelet 1 – For Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems

Red boat rondelet 2 – for Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems


Louise also offered two poems after working over an idea. The result is a similarity in tone, but slightly different in effect.

The Ocean Winds – Fantasy Raconteur

We Travel Far – Fantasy Raconteur


Ken another couplet, first one happy and carefree, the second with the hint of dark cloud on the horizon.


Adrift | rivrvlogr


This has really been the week for couplets. Another one from Merril: achingly nostalgic for the first one, and another jaunty (female) pirate story for the second.

Rondelet: Poetry Challenge | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Sue Vincent with an utterly beautiful and dreamlike poem

Journey | Sue Vincent – Daily Echo


TJ’s poem combines the nautical jauntiness of a pirate poem, with the dream/adventure of the more mystical creations.



Kat’s poem is a journey in many senses of the word.

Liberation | like mercury colliding…


Mr Todd’s poem has an edge of impending disaster to it. The sea as a force to be reckoned with.

The Winds Have Blown… – A Flash of Fiction…


Kerfe’s and Kat’s poems should maybe be read together. Daughters, journeys and time passing. Plus the gorgeous artwork, of course.

Compass Rose | method two madness Edit


Geoff with his hallmark piss-take humour. Anything with the word ‘chunder’ in it makes me laugh 🙂

The Sea and Santa #poem #poetry | TanGental


Janice’s poem is filled with longing, our human ever-searching for some kind of ‘destiny’ in contrast with the unchanging patterns of fish and sky.

Sailing the wind – Ontheland


Leara’s poem is another one that uses the theme of sailing to freedom. It’s a very potent image. Just as the sea divides, so it can become the path to a new life.

To Freedom – LearaWrites


Sri’s poems are, as ever, filled with songs and hope.


Thank you all so much for that bumper crop. It makes a beautiful collection. Apologies for being late with the round up, but I’ll get next week’s challenge out later today when I’ve caught up with myself.


A proper rondelet

It has been pointed out to me, by a poet who has manfully struggled to get the rhyme scheme correct as per the instructions, that there is a rhyme pattern to the rondelet. I don’t know whether it’s the anarchist in me, or simple inattention, but that particular aspect just wafted over me. To put matters right, here’s another rondelet with rhymes and refrains in correct military formation.


They sail away

Their sunset sails golden, leaving.

They sail away,

Bold as gulls, though we’d have them stay,

They smile, embracing their new day,

No backward glance for us grieving,

They sail away.


Looking back

A couple more rondelets in a different tone to the last one.


Backward glances,

At the distant shore we cast,

Backward glances,

Clinging to a world gone awry,

That slips beyond our sight and grasp.

Hills, home, lovers, contained now in

Backward glances.


No looking back

At the distant shoreline fading,

No looking back,

It would break this reluctant heart.

The hills of home, a memory;

Cherish it always, the gulls cry,

No looking back.


Poetry challenge#37: Red boat

This week, I’m introducing the rondelet, a form I’ve just discovered. It’s short and has no rhyme pattern, which should please some people. There is also a refrain, which pleases me. It’s not as easy as it looks though, to get something satisfying out of it, so be warned. Operating instructions are here.

Oops. Forgot to add the bit about posting the link to your poem in the comments below. A pingback is best if you can get it to work. Always best to check I’ve got it.

No apologies for choosing an Odilon Redon painting for the image this week. I love his work and find it full of inspiration. Only one prompt word this time since the poem is very short. My poem follows.



My love and I,

In a red barque with yellow sail.

My love and I,

Crossing oceans, sunset headed,

Follow a dream or just a gull.

Hand in hand, heart to heart we glide,

My love and I.