Ronovan’s art prompt is this painting. I have no idea what it is, but here’s what it inspired.



From a forest of tree tangle,

dead and dry, it comes,

treading with the confidence of death,

untouchable and indefatigable.

No wings carry this crow,

no lightness of sky and cloud touches its dusty flesh.

Midnight at midday,

the wilderness caws,

hoarse as war trumpets braying,

and we cower as the blight grows

and the fever rises,

and we dread the sound

of pounding at the door.

Haiku challenge: Darkness & Deep

Who couldn’t write poetry to those two words? A trio of haiku for Ronovan’s weekly prompt.


Deep water rolls green

and cold among moonlight pearls—

darkness crowds the sky.


Deep the river runs,

carries broken things seaward,

into the darkness.


Darkness falls again,

winter cold and deep, sinking

like the waning moon.