Microfiction challenge Under the sea: the entries

I loved the possibilities offered by this painting, and you have explored many intriguing ones, from fairytale to tragedy to humour—Geoff wasn’t alone this week.

Thanks so much for participating and sharing your beautiful stories. See you tomorrow for another prompt.




Leverett Island transcripts #22 – for Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems

Lady Lee

Microfiction challenge #19: Under the sea – ladyleemanila


Water Lilies and Sadness | rivrvlogr




Microfiction challenge #19: The Proposal | Morpethroad

The Frilly Freudian

JD’s Microfiction Challenge 19 under the sea: water nymph’s bride – My Frilly Freudian Slip


When a man loves a woman #microfiction | TanGental


Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge: The coming of the sea king – Word Shamble

Alka Sharma

Dream come true – alkasharmablog


Kingdom of the Sea: Microfiction | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings

My own story




Microfiction challenge Freedom: the entries

The Repin painting inspired a lot of fun fantasy romps this week, all with a slightly different, original twist. I enjoyed reading them all, and I recommend you read and comment on the stories too. They’re well worth it 🙂

I won’t leave any more comments on this round up as there are quite a lot of entries this week, and I am still under the influence of a sleeping pill—watch out for typos.

Look in tomorrow for another prompt. Now, to look out an inspiring image 🙂


Lady Lee

Microfiction challenge #15: Freedom – ladyleemanila


Microfiction for Jane Dougherty – What Freedom! | fmme writes poems


Microfiction challenge #15: Freedom | Morpethroad


Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge: Iska, Leon & freedom – Phylor’s Blog


Freedom: Microfiction | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings




Jane Dougherty’ Microfiction Challenge: The Freedom of Rybka – Word Shamble


The Experimental lexicographer #microfiction #shortstory | TanGental


Microfiction Challenge 15: Freedom | Only 100 Words



Pensitivity—sorry I don’t have a ‘real’ name 🙂

Microfiction Challenge | pensitivity101


The Blind Date – Leara writes and other creative things…


https://HaddonMusings.com/2016/09/29/A VISIT TO THE BEACH – Microfiction challenge #15: Freedom/


Seasoning – Part Twelve | like mercury colliding…

Bill (I’m putting this at the end because of the phantom white space that follows the link)

To Dance in the Sea

Poetry challenge Painful silence: the entries

This was another new form and a more personal theme that produced a different kind of poetry for some of you. It touched on the part of us that no other person, however much they care about us, can never really reach. Thanks for responding in the way that you did. And if Ken is reading this, I may have dreamt it, but I was convinced that you sent in a poem. If you did, it’s disappeared. If not, there’s always another prompt 🙂

There’ll be another prompt tomorrow. Hope you’ll all join in 🙂


Sarah’s poem is a litany of hurt, big and small, building up to a wonderful strong finale.

Pain – for Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems

Kat’s poem reminded me how different the pain of childbirth is to the completely unproductive pain of anything else.

Birth Story  | like mercury colliding…

Phylor’s poem is like a waking nightmare, evocative of the night fears that fade with the light.

Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge 49: When demons whisper . . . – Phylor’s Blog

I didn’t think Lady Lee would be able to resist bringing sunshine and rainbows to alleviate her painful story 🙂

Poetry challenge #49: Painful silence – ladyleemanila

In Manpreet’s poem, she shows how physical pain is only the surface of the hurt which goes far deeper than the flesh wound, and in this case, helps to change a life.


Sri’s poem draws on a recent atrocity in one of those parts of the world the rest of us can happily ignore. Thanks Sri for making me a little less ignorant.


Merril writes very touchingly about the pain of the survivor, riddled with guilt but with a burden to live for the others.

Survivor | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings

Leara’s poem delves into the hopeless mess of our thoughts when a deep hurt destroys reason and there seems to be no way forward.

Trapped – Leara writes and other creative things…

Matthew’s poem is probably the darkest of all. No hope in this one, the only relief being the quiet and calm of the end.

Poetry Challenge #49 – Painful Silence | Twisted Roads of Madness

Louise’s poem, using imagery with no physical bounds, like Sarah’s reminds us that it’s partly pain that lets us know we are alive.

Life Requires Pain – Fantasy Raconteur

And here is Ken’s poem, squeezed in after the doors closed. It’s a painful poem, and it’s for real, so commiserations are called for as well as congratulations on writing a short order poem 🙂




Poetry challenge Circles and Cycles: the entries

You surprised and delighted me yet again, especially those of you who went back to the form and had another go at it. I’m sorry I haven’t made individual comments in this round up but I have a migraine and screen work is difficult.

Don’t forget to call in tomorrow for another prompt, and thank you all again for the beautiful poetry 🙂

Lady Lee

Poetry challenge #48: Circles and cycles – ladyleemanila


September Embers




Summer’s slipped by – circle poem for Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems

Merry Maiden who is blogless but who tweets beautiful poetry here twitter.com/QueenofCups99

Abundant green
seen scattered on rich fertile earth
birthed in the richness of a golden Fall
all from branches heavy
brevity of Summer’s colors
covers Autumn’s hues redundant
Abundant green

The crow

twists and turns (20160914) – Words and Feathers


Seasons – WritersDream9





and the revised version THE FALLEN SEED – MY WALL


Poetry challenge (2): circles and cycles – The Chemicalist


By the Spiral Meet | method two madness


Cycles and Seasons | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings

Kat who describes this very sweet poem as ‘sappy’!!!!

hate loving you | like mercury colliding…

then another two…

Deplorable  | like mercury colliding…

Raindrop | like mercury colliding…


Poetry Challenge #48 – Circles and Cycles | Journey To Ambeth

Sekoprince, a first time contributor blogs here https://princewordsite.wordpress.com/

The season is here!
The trees harmoniously sway,
The leaves in accordance give way,
Red and green the apples fill the ground,
The season is here!

And a late arrival to the Circles and Cycles Ball from Ken, who fell asleep for a week but in now awake 🙂

Roundabout Way of Meeting a Prompt | rivrvlogr


Microfiction challenge Wheatfield: the entries

Whoops! Late again. Here they are, the new stories and the new installments in on-going series. I hope you’ll get round to reading them all, and take your time; many of them are very densely-written.

Ken starts off this week with a story bursting with hope.

Departure | rivrvlogr


Louise with two inspired stories.

Journey Into the Night – Fantasy Raconteur

A Dark Gift – Fantasy Raconteur


As Bill points out, a time wrap is appropriate in this context of the complexities of family relationships, role reversals and lives doubling back on themselves.

Time Wrap


Michael (Poetry Michael) with a snake in the grass story.

Cones the Harvest | The Poetry Channel


Sri with another part of Lucy’s story.



Sarah is another writer taking her character Stella into very strange territory. It’s fascinating how many of you have taken what is really the image of a very inoffensive field of wheat and changed it into something menacing.



Michael (Morpethroad) the ‘Justicier’.

Microfiction challenge #7: Wheatfield | Morpethroad


Merril’s story is also set in the crows’ point of view. Who would have thought crows could make such a happy story?



Kat takes her intriguing story a little further.

Seasons – Part 4 | like mercury colliding…


Kerfe with the crow’s interpretation.

Junk Mail Art: Crow Says… | method two madness


Phylor with another point of view of the burning angel story.

JD’s Microfiction: Wheatfield: [Chorragan’s Story] – Phylor’s Blog


Mek’s story is getting into very deep territory here. I hope she gives us another episode.

Harvest Time | Work in Progress

Thanks to all for participating, and I’ll post the next image today.

Microfiction challenge The door: the entries

I need a rest, seriously. I’ve only just realised it’s Thursday, microfiction round-up day. Things are getting epic now, with many stories following on from last week’s. Some of you are already so good at the short form, it’s an honour to host your stories. Some of you are trying prose out for the first time, and the results are to be proud of. Next obstacle tomorrow. Look on it as a challenge 🙂


Louise—born to be a fantasy writer!

The Anchor – Fantasy Raconteur


Sarah’s plot thickens, with a vengeance.

The Gate – microfiction challenge #5 for Jane Dougherty. | fmme writes poems


Merril’s story is exactly the dose of hope and optimism I, for one, am much in need of.

Microfiction Challenge: The Gate | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Michael—just when I thought he was going to rehabilitate the Caseys.

Microfiction challenge #5: The Door | Morpethroad


Phylor has a before and after version of this episode. See which one you think advances the story best.

JD’s Microfiction #5, The Door: mynedfa – Phylor’s Blog

Microfiction Challenge #5 The Door: Passage to Seann Choille – Phylor’s Blog


Lady Lee’s story I think really needs a sequel. Maybe tomorrow’s prompt?

Microfiction challenge #5: The Door – ladyleemanila


Carol’s story is deceptively cheerful, but there’s an idea of a tremendous struggle there too.

Nearing – WritersDream9


Kat’s story is breaking my heart! I’m dreading what she’s going to come up with tomorrow.

Seasoning – Part 2 | like mercury colliding…


Bill’s story, like Kat’s, has a feeling of tragedy about it, spiraling down, maybe into madness, maybe peace.

The Window and the Gate


Lovely pace to Ken’s story. A stroll down memory lane and into a peaceful future.

The Gate to Happiness | rivrvlogr


Almost everywhere Kerfe’s door leads looks inviting.

Junk Mail Art: The Door | method two madness


Updated to include a late one from Mek. The worlds you people imagine are really…wild!



There they are, so much good prose to read. Thank you for visiting the different blogs, encouragement is what we need most of all. New prompt tomorrow.

Poetry challenge Drowning leaves: the entries

Last week I brought the deadline forward without warning and a couple of you missed it, so I’ll post the last entries from the ‘pebbles’ challenge first.

Himanshu’s poem includes the suggested words to form a lovely short piece with a real stunner of a last line

Jane’s poetry challenge | hbhatnagar

and DAON whose free verse poem starts off with serious intent, but ends up on the humorous side of the bay.

Note #48 Shores – Detailed Accounts of Nothing


Back to the Drowning leaves challenge, and a collection of very attractive trilonnets.


Peter’s poem took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting a photograph of fallen leaves in a pool of water to inspire a poem about an owl. But it works!



Sarah from the south west with two trilonnets that I’ve only just seen. Both autumnal with the sense of coming winter, but with very different tones.

The light is gone – for Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems


The crow with a hallmark poem of doom and gloom, but with antique lions! Great stuff;

antique lions (20160622) – Caw!


Lady Lee from Manila with a poem about lost love but no regrets;

Poetry challenge #36: Drowning leaves – ladyleemanila


Ken’s poem is more philosophical than sad, hopeful in a gentle way. Some lovely words here.

Facing Winter | rivrvlogr


Kat with a cry of consternation at the recent senseless events that have caused so much suffering across the world.

No Words – A Trilonnet  | like mercury colliding…


Sri with two poems, very different in style. The first is a Christmas card of winter images, the second much more personal, a cry from the heart.




Kerfe’s is one of those poems that give me cold shivers. It needs to be read over several times to get everything out of it. Beautiful art work too.

This World Will Still | method two madness


Tricia’s poem is a small tragedy, the kind of story you find in country songs. Dark and bleak.

The Light is Gone – A Creative State of Mind


Geoff, as is to be expected, knocks a hole in the ceiling of gloom and lets in a bit of fun. All those who live with four-legged demons/friends will understand.

The Mysterious Puddle #poetry #poems #prompt | TanGental


Janice’s poem is an elegy for a leaf. Beautiful and unexpected.



I love Merril’s poem. A lullaby is also unexpected, for me anyway, and it’s a lovely one.

Lullaby | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Like Kerfe’s poem, Louise’s takes in the vastness of space and a falling leaf. Beautiful images.

The Light Is Gone, the Sky Is Lost – Fantasy Raconteur


Once again, I’m astonished at the variety of emotions and ways of looking at the image. Very well done all of you!

Look in tomorrow for a new theme.