We had a poke around in the abandoned military barracks on Sunday. They’ve opened up another section and it’s lovely in an eerie sort of way. The snaps aren’t any good, but then they wouldn’t be, would they? Ghosts don’t ever come out in photos.




Finbar ghost

Abandoned garden, with roses twined,
Bind about the brambles and plaster,
Faster than the night falls,
Walls crumble to dust.
Must it be like this always?
Days tumble into night,
Light fades and slides into dark,
Lark descends and rises no more,
Law that silences all we love most?
Ghost dog wanders lost,
Frost gathers in cold hair.
Beware the lost places where the lonely walk,
Talking in their last sleep.
Weep for the forgotten.
Rotten fruit falls to the teeming earth,
Births an abandoned garden, with roses twined.

Peace falls

Poem inspired by the Caserne Niel


I could find some peace here
From the city’s roar
Beneath rusting girders open to the sky
Where kites and swallows soar.
Lizards bask upon the tumbled stones
And dart among the sapling pioneers.
Root and stalk of wild plants ramp
And the sharp sun sears.
I do not seek a sheltered nest
Beneath these echoing beams
Among dusty memories
Of a thousand soldiers’ dreams,
Where no one’s left to answer
And no one to respond
My thoughts run past the ruined halls
To the untamed woods beyond.