Gogyohka for a deluge

fire salamander

dim grey-green light

through water-grey blur

and the crooning of blackbirds

soothing the tedious drip

of broken guttering


by the pool of rainwater

murky brown with mud

a fire salamander gleams

exotic rainforest sprite

sharing the deluge with toads


awash the grass

the lane aflood

and hares race

oblivious to the downpour

the water veil of fading light

Where salamanders swim

This is the first Wednesday in almost a year that I haven’t posted a poetry challenge. Maybe it’s time to post the very strange image I found, taken from a book entitled ‘The Story of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars’ published in 1898—an artist’s impression of a sunspot. There’s no challenge, but if anyone is inspired by this weird image, I’d be interested to read your poem, so feel free to post a link.


On the fiery, frond-waving skin

Of the ardent sun,

Deep caves, red as embers pulse.

Crucible in fusion,

Of molten metals, rippled heat,

Shimmers, silent and sluggish,

Where salamanders swim,

Swishing their sultry tails,

And the world was born.