Microfiction Three Line Tales: Wisdom

This short story is for Sonya’s Three Line Tales writing prompt.

photo by Clay Knight via Unsplash



He released the salmon from the net and eyed it curiously as it lay exhausted on the bank.

It looked for all the world just like a fish, big and silver, but a fish nonetheless, and his mouth watered at the thought of the taste of it, even if it imparted nothing else.

“You may eat all of my flesh, but you will never be a whit the wiser for it. Your kind live in darkness and no light of mine could ever pierce it,” the salmon of knowledge said in the instants before the club fell and snuffed out its light forever.

Peel back the dark

Art ©Nathalie Ampleman


Peel back the dark of the night,

See the stars in their glory,

Scrape away the shade from the light.


There’s a place where the moonbeams lie,

I would keep it safe forever,

And stitch up the hole in the sky,

With my needle, gold thread weaving.

Rowan berries lie bright on the ground,

Plucked like stars at your leaving.


Leap, silver salmon, wing, grey gull,

I will follow wherever you lead,

To the misty ends of the earth,

For my heavy heart is full,

And my love has taken the light.

Silver and grey, your wild scented path,

Soft feathered, sleek scaled and wise,

I will follow to the end of the night.