Haiku challenge: Perfume and Lost

For TJ’s Household Haiku prompt, a trio. Basically, I missed out one of the two prompt words in the first one…

Photo ©Oliver C.Mallorca, skapheandros


Drifts in the night breeze,

scent so hard to place—perhaps

mine when we were young.


Lost in mists of time,

the scent of childhood summers,

gone with the swallows.


Night blooming jasmine

around the door leads us home—

the path never lost.



Tanka sequence: Storm & Colour

Thank you for the prompt, Colleen. I should be filling in tax forms but much prefer this kind of procrastination 🙂 Colleen’s tanka challenge is here. If the words or the photo inspire you, this is where to post your tanka.


Wind whips up dark cloud,

north sea-coloured, wild and cold

with unfallen snow.

I watch the gull’s flight, soaring,

such courage in the storm’s eye.


Colour of my dreams,

you paint the world so brightly,

no blue more intense.

Blow winter clouds, wind, and mix

another stormy palette.


Wind of the grey world

blows a storm from the cold north

charged with snow and ice.

I peer through thick falling flakes

for beyond the grey, spring waits.

Haiku challenge: Tight & Warm

Ronovan’s challenge words this week are Tight & Warm. Good spring words.

photo ©Bijay chaurasia


Buds, wound up coiled springs

tight fists of green life, stay warm

until the sun calls.


Tightly wrapped baby

swaddled against the winter

sweet warm milky breath.


Tight furled the new leaves

west wind ruffles warm feathers

spring rides the rain clouds.


These short poems were all written on the same day, inspired by  different twitter prompts, which produced nevertheless a common theme. The best illustration for them is this Nussbaum which has haunted my thoughts since I discovered it the other day.

Felix Nussbaum: Orgelmann


There are devils in the dust,

They get in our eyes,

Blind us to the beauty of life.

Perhaps a downpour of tears will lay them,

Perhaps a torrent of blood.


I am afraid for humanity,

When its soul is rotted black,

Afraid that blood will not suffice,

To quench the madness.


Chasing an illusive dream,

Butterfly flitting between the trees,

Always the other side of the sunset,

Always tomorrow.

Sand slips slowly between fingers.

Dust drifts.


Tide rises,

Spills across the sand,

A momentary glitter between waves.

Cool water washes the pain,

A little at a time,

Out to sea.

Haiku sequence: Beach at night

Haiku sequence, my contribution to a twitter exchange with Alfred, @the_release_101

Painting ©Fernando de Gorocica


Dimple in wet sand

wave-washed sun-baked bone-white shell

sings songs of the sea.


Furrows filled with tears

sunset pours its bloody light

earth sighs as night falls


And in the darkness

Gentle, moonlit, pain slips

between the night stars.


To sleep, dream, perhaps,

rocked on the dark midnight waves

beneath silent stars.

Haiku challenge: Tears & wine

Quite painless this week. Must be the wine. Thanks to Ronovan for the prompt 🙂

Painting by John Singer Sargent


Salt tears flow like wine

tossed away the dregs of love

into the wild sea.

Wine we shared once, love

now days stretch dry and empty

salt tears fill my glass.

No more tears for us

pour the wine and fill the glass

roses bloom again.