Microfiction challenge Wheatfield: the entries

Whoops! Late again. Here they are, the new stories and the new installments in on-going series. I hope you’ll get round to reading them all, and take your time; many of them are very densely-written.

Ken starts off this week with a story bursting with hope.

Departure | rivrvlogr


Louise with two inspired stories.

Journey Into the Night – Fantasy Raconteur

A Dark Gift – Fantasy Raconteur


As Bill points out, a time wrap is appropriate in this context of the complexities of family relationships, role reversals and lives doubling back on themselves.

Time Wrap


Michael (Poetry Michael) with a snake in the grass story.

Cones the Harvest | The Poetry Channel


Sri with another part of Lucy’s story.



Sarah is another writer taking her character Stella into very strange territory. It’s fascinating how many of you have taken what is really the image of a very inoffensive field of wheat and changed it into something menacing.



Michael (Morpethroad) the ‘Justicier’.

Microfiction challenge #7: Wheatfield | Morpethroad


Merril’s story is also set in the crows’ point of view. Who would have thought crows could make such a happy story?



Kat takes her intriguing story a little further.

Seasons – Part 4 | like mercury colliding…


Kerfe with the crow’s interpretation.

Junk Mail Art: Crow Says… | method two madness


Phylor with another point of view of the burning angel story.

JD’s Microfiction: Wheatfield: [Chorragan’s Story] – Phylor’s Blog


Mek’s story is getting into very deep territory here. I hope she gives us another episode.

Harvest Time | Work in Progress

Thanks to all for participating, and I’ll post the next image today.

Microfiction challenge The child: the entries

This must be the prompt that has produced the most diverse reactions of any prompt so far. The child is such a sensitive subject; we have all been touched by slightly different chords, but all very profound. Special congratulations to those of you who changed their story arc to suit the prompt.

Louise’s story could be a myth. Be prepared for a surprise.



Ken’s story evokes contradictory sentiments for me. It should be fuzzy and warm, but I can’t help feeling worried by the end.

I Suppose a Kick in the Butt is Better than a Kick in the Head | rivrvlogr


Kat managed by using a very clever ploy to fit the image prompt into her story.

Seasoning – Part 3 | like mercury colliding…


Sarah’s on-going story veers off in an unexpected and unsettling direction with this one.

Stella Morris Investigates! – Micro Fiction for Jane Dougherty – episode 3 | fmme writes poems


Michael (Morpethroad) This story seems to need a continuation. I hope tomorrow’s prompt will provide it!

Microfiction challenge #6:The child – Marcus | Morpethroad


Bill’s story is a study of a mind torn by unhappiness and loss. Very moving.



Bigalo—I feel as though I know him. Poor kid…I hope Phylor keeps him out of harm’s way in the next installment.

JD’s Microfiction #6: [Bigalo Sad] Child – Phylor’s Blog


Merril’s story is directly inspired by the life of the artist. So moving and delicately written.

Microfiction Challenge: Lonely Boy | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Kerfe’s illustration seems to have provoked different reactions, just like the painting.



Sri’s story is the background to last week’s story. Another child learning to grow up very young.



Michael (Poetry Channel) A modern form of isolation. I’m hoping Michael will continue this story next week.

Latchkeyed- A Microfiction | The Poetry Channel

Thanks to all of you for such an interesting collection of stories. Watch out for the next prompt which might hit your inboxes in a few hours. Tomorrow is going to be hectic for me.