Waiting for an answer

The image is borrowed from Kerfe again.

owl close up 2

What is it in the wind that blows,
flows with the indigo waves of night,
light of a moon half-hid by cloud,

loud as the stream as it leaps in its bed,
red as the rage of a cornered boar,
roaring defiance to hunter and hound?

Bound with the deer over river and rock,
brock wending his way between path and hedge,
sedge on the lake that bends with the breeze;

trees know the answer to every asking,
basking in sun or stark in the cold,
old as the hills and wise as the glen.

When will the poplars whisper the secret,
Egrets’ white wings give the truth away?
Stay ‘neath the boughs and you’ll hear, like as not.

Storm comes

A serpent’s tail quadrille for dverse.


Storm comes

drums on the roof

reproof —did we expect soft summer rain?

Trains pass distant rumble

tumble of hail

wail of the horn

borne on wind roaring

soaring kites sail past

last light drowning, cloud

shrouds waking the night—

light of star swarm.

Broken hearts

The suggestion for the OctPoWriMo prompt is a loop poem. This is a variant. I call it Serpent’s Tail.


There is no compassion,

passion for death replaces it,

fit only for townfolk.

Poke fun at their sentimentality,

reality is power,

cowering wildlife at your whim,

slim chance of escape all they get.

Yet you call yourself a guardian, arbitrator;

terminator’s not how you see your task,

ask any huntsman anywhere.



Where did it go?

For the OctPoWriMo prompt—time. A serpent’s tail poem.


Where did it go, the time,


tasted too often the same things.

Springs sprang and ran away,

days died with the sun.

Done the nights of bright and gaudy,

tawdry pleasure,

measure now the loss,

dross we gathered, saved,

slaved, craving  eternity,

we found only midnight’s neon glare.

#writephoto: Solstice

A serpent’s tail poem in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. I might get a story out of it too.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 14.17.56

By the light of the rising sun,

dun trees dance naked beneath

leafless sky. Boughs bend,

(fends stone, this icy air),

their spindle limbs leaping,

seeping sap-blood chilled,

spilled upon the frosty grass.

Glass-green and brittle, the light,

night shadows chased away,

daybreaks, and boreal winds among the dancers sway.

Stay here awhile, watch sol invictus soar high,

sky-igniting, and feathered firebirds fly.


I wrote this serpent’s tail poem last night because a prompt (Daily Inkling) was niggling me. This morning I read Kerfe’s poem prompted by her Saturday consultation with the Oracle, and I can see more threads in the weave than one.


There used to be sky above my head,

red at sunset, or broad with bright

flights of swallows, darting to fill the blue.

Stew I see now, soup where clouds float,

bloated grey scum. How did it go

so far, the light, the blue colour hid,

slid into night, or sucked into the dark places

spaces behind the moon? No dragons with fiery breath,

death in their gaze sail lazily,

crazily by, nor sheep, sleep-bearing and soft.

Aloft, all is washed away,

day, sun, hope of rain;

pain falls pitter-patter, a steel pulse throbbing—

bobbing on the distant ocean, your ship

slips into silence. You left to find yourself, you said

spread your nets—still lost, you cry,

I wish you

knew where.

This cold brings tears

For the dverse open link night, a serpent’s tail poem, a particular form of chain rhyme.


This cold brings tears,

sears frozen cheeks,

speaks with a voice of steel.

Peeling the bark from trees,

freezing ice splinters,

winter’s path wends, shadow-walking,

talking in tongues of ice,

splicing streamers of mist and rain

again and again, festooning,

crooning crone songs low.

Slow dawn comes at last,

blasts of northwind bringing,

singing of more snow to come,

some day though, spring’s kiss.

Time and slime

The dverse bar is open again with the kind of reflective prompt that sorts out those who have been sensible over the last week and a half and those who have lost more grey cells than they ought to have done. Thanks, Merril…

I thought a serpent’s tail poem was appropriate for this time speculation prompt.


Time and tide

slide into sleep,

deep in the dark,

harking the night

flight of the owl,

howl of the hound,

sounds eerily recalling

crawling from the tepid sea,

free to soar among

hung stars, a silver river,

shivering above the primal slime.