Night murmurs

Night murmurs

Across the stream a deer barks
as the twilight shadows grow,

and deep dark springs from beneath
trees, their branches reflecting

moonlight when clouds part—a pale
owl drifts, calling to its ghosts.

What songs do we hear of nights?

This started off as a sijo with 14-syllable lines, split into two lines of seven syllables. I added a seventh line of seven syllables just to make it a complete run of sevens. And the illustration is once again Kerfe’s splendid owl.


Migraine sequence (seven lines)


though it throbs
stabs behind the eyes
is still a release from the dark
and the twittering
flickering dreams
of horror and pain.


Rain falls in gentle showers
from blue and white skies
barely tarnishing the gold of dandelions
the sheen of green shoots

and the indigo spears
of midnight muscari
stand unchanged.


Deranged visions crash finally
into damp earth
drip from glossy leaves
and I can pick out the warblers’ song

the woodpeckers stare quizzically
waiting for me to leave.