Sky and horses

We’re getting there. Another poem then a couple more boxes before bed. This one is for the dverse prompt, rain and its homonyms. And upbeat. Don’t ask me what it’s about—it’s upbeat, that’s all. If I had time, I’d find a blue horse painting to go with it.


It’s raining stars—

though we see only steel-grey water—

and the great sky horses plough their heavy wings

through torrents of molten fire,

and shake their manes at the dog star.

No bridle, no reins to guide and arrest,

no saddle and spurs to tame the beast,

the wild hunt with no hunters,

the race with no winner, no prize.

They hear only the clash of clouds,

dance among piercing spears of lightning

and the rain,


laughing, horse-splashing rivers,

that the last roses catch and dangle,


in the morning sun.