Simply the sky


there is sky all day

though clouds come and go



and we walk with downcast eyes


there is sky behind the dark lines of dusk

when the sun drops out of sight

and the light in the puddles is quenched

reflecting the ocean

of unreflecting cloud


there is sky all night

though the blue has gone

star-pricked or dark cloud-dappled

and we sleep

dreaming of rainbows and butterflies


there is sky at waking

as moonlight fades

silver into pale gold

suffusing grey with pink then blue

overarching mother

Blue star-fire

The Oracle gave me two poems today. Though I used two different word sets, the words and images are similar. I get the message.


It brings wild colour to the morning

this bird-joy and laughter,

blue fire to the waking sky.

As some see stars in the dark

not ghosts, so our unclouded words

open the dance of the vastness of eternity

in a breath of night magic.


Ask and you will receive

or not,

but take the broken blue

from these old stars

and make the magic happen;

fly into the fire and sing.



Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 10.24.56.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 10.47.14.png

Sea, turquoise and fuchsia




rolls on drunken waves

from sky to sky

and calls down boiling storm clouds

to drown my tears

in rivers of rain.


Voices in the fog,

ghosts of you and me.

I can almost remember

what we used to say,

but not how it felt.


It was the last time that we spoke,

and the words bounced back and forth

never taking hold.

I wish I could take those words

and twist them into the shape

of a bird or a rose

and give them to you again.


Take a song and sing it soft

to calm a stormy sea,

spread your crow black wings and let

the wind blow you safe back to me.


Beyond the humdrum

and the dismal damp

of November light,

sinking into obscurity,

the turquoise and fuchsia

and the flame red

of summer evenings

still sing to conjure up the moon,

and we will walk there

hand in hand beneath the stars.

Frost-coloured roses

As today is Saturday, (not yesterday ahem) I decided to pay a return visit to the oracle. I like what she had to say.


The cool-fingered moonScreen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.15.55

has no time

for those who sleep

in the shadow of death.

Storm sings mad music

that soars, screaming

into the black sky,

like love lost at sea.


Stars sail home,Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 15.42.06

night sky flying,

their sad, secret poetry

perfumes the dark

with clouds,

the colour of oceans—

blue breath lingering

like ice in the grass.


One moment,Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 16.16.10

a regard,

a voice in the night—

language of the heart.

Dream a river of music,

sing songs of the sun,

fly me to you

on wings bright

as the evening star.


Dusk fallsScreen Shot 2017-06-17 at 16.51.07

like the roses,

sweet and dark.

I long to see

the moonlight bloom,

frost colour

in this summer grass—

last tendrils of winter.




Where stars unstick and fall

Another illustration from the book, ‘The Story of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars’ inspired this cascade poem. My eyes are still full of the night sky of the countryside, so full of stars there’s hardly any darkness.


To go where stars unstick and fall,

And catch a fragment in the hand,

Star horses in celestial fields.


Into the night without a light,

I swoop and soar a rocket ship,

To go where stars unstick and fall.


My dearest wish to catch the tails,

Of comets shooting through the void

And catch a fragment in the hand.


Burning bright, the sky’s alight,

With falling stars of splendid dreams,

Star horses in celestial fields.

Poetry challenge#46: Meter

This week’s challenge is more about the sound of the poem than the content. Sometimes it seems to me that we work hard to get our thoughts either into rhymes or simply into the right line lengths, and don’t listen to the sound it makes. This week, I thought we could concentrate on listening to the beats in the line rather than simply count syllables or find an appropriate rhyme.

Tetrameter (four beats to the line) and pentameter (five beats) give a rhythm that helps to make a line memorable. Try to think more of the way the stress falls than the number of syllables. It will inevitably mean shuffling word order or occasionally choosing a synonym, but you will end up with a poem that flows like a song.

You can use either four or five beats, and you don’t have to rhyme unless you want to. I’ve chosen to rhyme occasionally, and find it’s effective to end with a rhyme.

The theme is

Stars, night, and water

The rather lovely image is loaned by ©Jess Mann

My poem is in unrhymed (mostly) tetrameter. I’ve bolded the stress syllables so you see what I mean.

Forgot to add, usual rules, post the link to your post in the comments before next Tuesday for the round up, please 🙂


One time the stars wheeled just for us,

A midnight dance across the sky,

We’d watch their brightness cabriole,

Leap into unimagined depths.

One time the stars shone in a sea

Of wishes dreams and fantasies,

When you were all the world to me,

The dark, the light, the softest dusk.

That time is past, stargazing nights

When nothing could keep us apart;

No longer can I stretch my hand

To touch a star, your face, your heart.

Perhaps one day you may recall,

How love was plucked from night’s dark pall.