Spring song source: tritina


These first pale golden days announce the spring,

the swelling of the buds and then the song

of birds and water running from the source.


A sunrise crisp brings deer up to the source

to drink, where clustered violets frame the spring

that courses through the grass with silver song


down to the willow-shaded stream. The song

That stirs the shoots and roots lies at the source

Of all this golden frothing that is spring.


All this golden spring, song is the source.


Spring song source: cherita

Because I’m procrastinating (again) I’m going to see how many different poems and poetry forms I can write fitting in the words: spring, song and source. Starting with a cherita. I haven’t written one in ages. Join me if you like.


Spring trills in rills


bird throats pour liquid song

from its source beyond the clouds


running water splashes

hummingbird diamonds

beneath the singing sky.