Three line tales: Cosmic vengeance

Thank you Sonya for a great photo prompt. I love these NASA images.


For billions of years, the star had been forming on the outer edge of creation, pushed further and further into the darkness as the universe expanded into eternity.

Other stars grew bright and fierce, spawned planets held in thrall, nurtured life and settled into their constellations like so many happy families.

Anger and hatred at its ostracism seethed beneath the surface, in the magma bones, of the deformed star, and when the time was ripe, it heaved around in its erratic flight, a cosmic bomb, and hurtled inward, onward, Earthward.

Haiku challenge: Star & Child

Lovely prompt from Ronovan this week.


Child wished for the moon,

Velvet black the sky that night,

I reached her down a star.


Star child weeps cold rain

For all the lost and lonely,

Searching in the night.


In the sky a star,

In the star a child watches

Blue planet spinning.