Northern stars

Twitter poems linked by stars.


Loosed upon the sea,

our boat,

white-sailed, wave-dancing,

beaten by silver beams,

moonstruck, night-glowing.


Polar winter falls—

stars the only light in this

perpetual night.


Aurora Borealis cascades

in rainbows of northern light,

sea-prismed, star-drenched,

so many wishes

for us to catch

in our hands.


We forget,


when shadows crowd,

and the sky roars with darkness,

to look at the stars

that shine in loved ones’ eyes.


Children of the night

Since we’re in ottava rima mode for dverse, here’s another one for the Real Toads prompt, based on this quote:

“’Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!” – Dracula


When sunset’s fire fades to deepest dark,

Midnight’s children scatter through the sky,

A mantle woven from the primal spark,

For this, each day, the sun’s fate is to die.

Music of the stars, song of the lark,

Work their magic, dreams spread wings and fly.

I walk the paths of day and skim the night,

On swallow’s wings into the birth of light.

The stars look very different today

Husband was having a David Bowie fest this morning when I went out. His words inspired this villanelle.


The stars look very different today,

I can’t see how to paste them in the blue,

They fell extinguished when you walked away.


A million words I wrought to make you stay,

But on my tongue not one of them rang true,

The stars look very different today.


No dreams we dreamed still shine in light of day,

The sun, the moon and stars from hanging all askew,

They fell extinguished when you walked away.


Once we would watch in awe their wild array,

Let their fierce glory pierce us through and through,

The stars look very different today.


The future’s dead like soldiers in a fray,

Now darkness fills the void where comets flew,

They fell extinguished when you walked away.


Where rainbows arced, the sky is dull and grey,

Night falls, its glitter wishing can’t renew,

The stars look very different today,

They fell extinguished when you walked away.



You take me through the starry night

A cascade poem for the dVerse open night, because I like cascade poems.


You take me through the starry night,

To where the wind sighs in the sedge,

Bedecked in shadows like the fox.


When the wind blows through the trees,

And the sky’s bright coping tumbles down,

You take me through the starry night.


I’ll go with you and take your hand,

While stars and lynchpins shoot away,

To where the wind sighs in the sedge.


We share our heartbeats with the drum

Of feet that tread on broken stars,

Bedecked in shadows like the fox.

I thought I saw you

A twitter poem sequence


I thought I saw you smiling

in the deep water,

your eyes bright pearls of laughter.

I dived so deep

the night grew round me,

and moonlight barred my way.

I dived so deep,

but all I found was starlight

shining on fishscales.


I thought I found a perfect pearl

glowing in the sky

I plucked it from the night for you

but when I turned,

hands and eyes full of light,

you had gone,

and the dark was soft with owl’s wings.


I thought I heard your heart beat

amid the whispering of the rain,

but only the wind in the sedge replied,

Love dies, the stars remain.



Breaking ice

Twitter poem sequence.


Bound about by freezing fog,

captive in a sea of ice,

I reach out to the sharpest star,

round my fingers wind its hair,

feel its glitter in my blood,

shower you with wishes.


Breaking the ice,

fateful stars look down,

shards of glitter

in the dark water.

Cold the earth, the sea,

in winter’s grip,

warm, your hand

in mine.


Seas of stars

roll above the winter night,

too far, too bright

to feel the cold,

basking in moonlight,

patiently waiting

for our dreams,

the colour of yearning,

tingling with the taste of summer honey,

to spread their scarlet wings

and take flight.


Three twitter poems on a theme.


Moonless night,

orange sky,

packed with cloud

and the sour taste

of city waste,

but far away,

stars light up a sky

black as dreamless sleep,

and in between

peace drops,

pearls from worlds

that have yet to wake.



Against the black,

a sliver slice,

a curved pool of light,

a rent in the fabric of the sky.

We call it moon

for want of a better word.


Cold glitter falls

onto a silent land

of stone and grey trees,

where grey cats prowl,

looking for love,

pad padding

on frosted tiles,

singing their wild songs

to the moon.