The morning is mitigated,
part cloud, part mild sun,
the silence of windsong
rattled by Sunday gung-ho gun shots,
sky scattered with birds then scoured by rain,

but the stolid, rocky monolith of grey,
the block unchanged by wind, rain or sun,
indifferent to birds and bullets,
the unmitigated dreariness,
is the absence of you.

The Oracle’s Easter wish

Since it’s a feast day, I thought she might have something to say about it.


Green, this prairie,Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 12.58.07

flower-tangled and full of light.

No dark secrets here

that only priests can explain.

A rose is a rose is a…

Bird blooms shine,

soft as dusk,  beautiful as dawn;

listen to their song.

Sprung spring

First Sunday lunch outside this year. Hastily cleared away one lawnmower, one bicycle, a lot of plant pots waiting to have something done with the contents, and there we are, watching the pheasants of what turns out to be an established breeding colony (yay!) and their crazy aerial acts. I hesitate to call it flying…

sunday lunch 2

One hot dog getting a dose of sunshine.