Sun-charred laughter

Photo©Arun Kulshreshtha.


Sunlight roars with a fiery voice,

Beneath its claws red stone flakes fall,

Your laughter breaks like charred black twigs.


As summer crawls from beneath the shade

Of spreading trees, silent and grave,

Sunlight roars with a fiery voice.


Harsh, it tears the walls, the heat

That pours from roof tiles, dripping gold—

Beneath its claws red stone flakes fall.


Limp the poplars, their voices hushed,

Where birds in thoughtful silence perch,

Your laughter breaks like charred black twigs.


Haiku challenge: Top & Light

This traiku is for Ronovan’s weekly challenge.

Photo ©Mike Pennington


From clifftop plunges

a white-feathered lightning bolt

majestic gannet.

Painting ©Uthvfy62


The tree tops wind-dance

shot with light where sunbeams fall

speckled with birdsong.

Photo ©Michelangelo_36


Gold bottle tops gleam

in the grass caught by sunlight

throwaway treasure.


A sequence of three-liners on the theme of cathedrals, stone and vegetal, inspired by Andrea Connolly’s Advent poem: Illuminate!

Photo©Johann Jaritz


Coloured light on stone,

Cold flagstones where feet have trod,

Feet have trod on cold light.


Massy grey of silent stone,

Monumental veneration of vastness,

With eyes of coloured glass.


Grey stone, sun-caught glitters,

Silver-rippled water gleams,

Stained glass glows, filled with light.


Pale sun pours through branches,

Shadow dapples the russet red path,

Birds flit, flutter, leaves wind dance.


Cold sun on mist-spangled grass,

Green light and blue mist,

Red leaves scatter the December river.


Feet tread mist-spangled grass,

Stone-flagged rainbows echo hollow,

Hushed feet tread, robin sings.

Grass in mourning drenched

On November 14 I photographed the ornamental grass down on the quay, bowed down in misery.


Two weeks later, I photographed the same grass in the sunshine. Nature showing us what we have to do.

silver grass1

Grass in mourning drenched,

Wrenched into tangled,

Spangled locks by diaphanous mist,

Kissed by a dark sea wind.

Skinned raw with cold,

Hold hands wide to catch the rain,

Strain against the tears that prick,

Kick against the sorrow brimming,

Swimming in bleary eyes.

Skies above will change,

Arranging wild, mussed hair,

Fair and neat and sprightly,

Lightly dusted with dew.

New day dawns, warm, soothing breeze will pass,

Grass in mourning drenched.

silver grass2

Haiku challenge: Cover & Colour

A couple of words that are evocative enough to have inspired a few quick-fire haiku. For the other entries, please visit Ronovan’s Blog.


Waking light covers
golden landscapes, birds stirring,
colour of morning.

Cover the night stars
follow the sun’s path westward
scatter day’s colours.

Waves cover the strand
foam-fringed translucent dancers
sun-coloured magic.

After the rain


There is nothing more uplifting

Than the sight of sunlight through the clouds

A golden torrent pouring from the broad sky’s sea

Turning the last drops of cold lead rain

To a river of cascading gems.

And when the trees are bathed in liquid light

From among the dripping leaves the music starts,

Triumphant robins shout their riotous notes

And listening enraptured we can forget

Just for the time of a small bird’s song

That winter lies on the dark side of the sky.