Oceans of stars

A ballad poem because I wanted to.


Stars strain at their moorings,

Ships that pass in the night,

On vast oceans of darkness,

And a path of pale moonlight.


Above the sleeping meadows,

And the stilly mirror lake,

The tide has washed the swans ashore,

and nothing’s left awake.


Stars that ride at anchor

In the harbour of the sky,

Wait for dewy morning

And the snow white swans to fly.


The morning star has faded,

And the swans flown from the lake,

The ocean that took you away

Rolls on though my heart break.


Night wind and the fox



In the dawn damp

at the forest’s edge,

a red shadow glides.

Bird hush breaks

at sunrise

bright as the brush

of a sleeping fox.



and mist blows in from the sea

coating my lips in salt

and the electric tang

of unseen vastness.


In the night,

a cry,

a bark wilder than any dog’s,

and the sterile concrete of the streets

shivers at the sound.


There is a window in the wind

that blows across the river.

Look carefully and you will see

wild swans flying home.

Spring swans

Photo©Bob Jones


Swans there were in the sky, a skein of nine,

silent and white as driven snow,

a perfect arrowhead, pacific and pure,

pulsed with hot blood and smooth-feathered muscle.

One accord binds them on the paths of the air,

above the slow-flowing river, bound to its bed,

one accord, wing tip to wing tip, slip-stream rowing,

strongest in front, breaking the way.

Bonds as sure as any fraternity, buoy their passage,

surging on pure white power and gentle compassion.

Microfiction #writephoto: Fire swan

The fascinating photo is for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt.



The conflagration grew in intensity as it swept across the planet, each exploded reactor, refinery, pipeline and chemical plant adding to the unquenchable fury of the flames. Shallow seas evaporated, tidal waves faltered and dispersed in monstrous clouds of boiling steam, and the oceans shrank, exposing fantastic rock formations that glowed red before crumbling to ash.

The wave of fire rolled over the earth in a final infernal embrace, reaching the cold waters of the north. In its wake, the forests of the great landmasses were reduced to glowing charcoal, their inhabitants to grey ash, but the great fire faltered over the black ocean. A tower of flame shot into the sky, sending its reflection miles out over the waves, to where a lone swan made a magic circle and said, Enough.

The fire roared but it advanced no further. The waves threw back the fiery reflection and the swan sailed in a widening circle, cold and black, drawing up the remnants of the first life until the darkness teemed with movement. The earth shivered and rolled, pushing up rocks from the ocean bed, and the swan left the water, settled in a comfortable hollow and waited for the grass to grow again, and for her mate to join her.


A circular poem based on today’s magnetic poem


Quiet as stone falls the light,

bright and glacier cold,

folding the world in clouds of frost.

Bifrost the bridge of violet and blue,

hues of the rainbow,

slowly arching across the sky,

flying on swans’ wings from rooted earth,

berth of sky ships, soaring,

roaring with the winds voice.

Rejoice in this sky-reaching and spanning space,

race, white swans with this dead heart,

part the clouds for I see the journey’s close,

rose scented, blue horses joyful riot,

quiet as stone falls the light.


Love and swans

Another day’s twitter poems that seemed to follow the same theme.



From the otherworld you come,

mist-wrapped, blue-eyed, smiling,

and in your hands

all the love that ever grew

in either world.


Thrill of the sun on my skin,

your eyes in mine,

and the sky above.

Waves lap about our feet,

while the gull carries our song.


In the sky above the shadows,

swallows swoop

in the last light,

before the dark inks in the blue

and their wild dance

bows out before

the stately minuet

of the stars.


Is there poison in this sweet honey

that drips so slow from your red lips?

Take it away, and I am left lonely,

longing to be the bloom

where the bee sips.


The touch of your hand enthralls,

your soft words enchant,

but when you kiss,

the sun stands still,

and no shadows grow.


Gulls, waves, sun,

glint and shift,

and in the bright air,

stolen from the dusk,

we rise, swans enlaced,

to follow the path of dreams.

Poetry challenge #2: Swans

Welcome to the second poetry challenge. Since everybody seemed to have fun with the sept form last week, we’ll give it another go.
Remember (or if you didn’t see last week’s post) the form is seven lines in the syllable pattern, 1-2-3-4-3-2-1.
The theme for this week, as you have probably gathered, is swans, any aspect or association, or inspired by the painting by Walter Leistikow
Please join in in flocks, and leave your sept creations in the comments or as links to your blog post.


From the lake
In winged glory
Mist glimmer

Night swans

A circular poem.
The painting is by Josef Pankiewicz


Darkness wells,
Swells through river water and the night,
Light shimmers pale.
Sail, the swans, ghostly white,
Tight closed eyes, necks bent in sleep.
Weep, the willow on the bank’s edge.
Sedge trembles ’neath the breeze,
Trees make tangled shadows between the moonlight threads,
Spread wide the ripples on the lake.
Wake, white beauties when the morning breaks,
Wake, where the night darkness wells.

Haiku challange: Pine & Grief

Here are my entries. Go to Ronovan’s blog for dozens more haiku on the theme.

Painting by Max Rudolf Schramm


Fir tree casts green pools
shadow cools pangs of hot sun
and my wells of grief.

Lone swan on the lake
white beauty, neck bowed in grief
pines for her lost love.

Grieve, lonely white one
sing your last song to the wind
waste away, ghost bird.