#Tanka Tuesday: Nest-building

A haiku for Colleen’s weekly challenge.

Photo ©David P. Howard


no time for singing

eaves aflutter with bright wings

nest-building twitter


Tanka Tuesday: Spell & Treat

A butterfly cinquain for Colleen’s weekly challenge. The word ‘spell’ comes from the Old English for a tale or narrative.




that enthrals with magic,

a gift of the wind that blows through

the stars,

scatters the broken light of space

into our wondering

eyes, filling hearts

with joy.



Spring is acoming in

An etheree for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday.

The NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a poem based on questions, ending with a further question, leaving the debate open. Since I wrote a question poem yesterday, and the etheree for Colleen’s challenge also poses a question, I think this double version will do for both prompts. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have some answers.


How many times have these wide skies clouded,

cold wind risen bringing sheets of rain?

Spring marches, shod in mud, bearing

spears of green and leaf banners.

When petal storms strew white

the meadow, blackbirds

sing the louder,

calling back

the new


Will spears

and pennons,

in wild flutter,

toss their raw thrustings

to the spring breeze and wave

white blossom banners of peace

and plenty? Or will this one be

the year the earth closes iron fist

and turns her wounded face to the dark void?