Haiku challenge: Fierce & Fever

A tanka for Ronovan’s weekly challenge.

Painting Sunrise by V. Tomilovsky


beneath this fierce sun

the earth bakes grass crackles in

radiant fever

parches every throat—even

trees shrink aching for rain


Dragons fly

I’m adding this one to the dverse open link night and the ‘movement’ prompt.

Photo©Michael Apel


dancing dragons

flying in stream shade

green as ocean deeps

feasting on gnats sun-struck blips

in cool water light


gems with wings

flash-flicker flick light

turquoise indigo

black gold blood and russet red

myths in motion


hover then flip

land on the slenderest leaf


machine-hot metallic tints

glint in cool leaf gloom


reptile insect

powdered with fool’s gold

in brittle-winged flight

rapid shutter speed

film of prehistory


deep shade

water trickles

dragonflying machines


tricks of the light